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The Best griffith berserk figure of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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Great Eastern Entertainment Berserk – Griffith Plush 8″


  • This plush makes the perfect gift for any anime fan!
  • High Quality and Officially licensed by Great Eastern Entertainment.
  • Limited Availablity. Collect them all!

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Good Smile Figma Griffith (Re-Run)


  • A good smile import
  • The charismatic founder of the band of the Hawk, with great ambitions for the future
  • Includes both standard and confident expressions
  • Sabre can be sheathed or equipped for battle
  • Removable helmet and cloth mantle

Max Factory – Berserk Movie figurine Figma Griffith 15 cm


  • Contact Seller

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Banpresto Griffith 48194 Berserk DXF Anime Banpresto 6.5″ Action Figure


  • Officially Licensed Figure by Banpresto
  • Brand New in Box
  • High Quality PVC Premium Figure
  • Makes a great gift
  • Very Limited and Collectible

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FIGLot Two Tone Purple & White Cape for Figma Berserk Griffith (Figure NOT Included)


  • Fabric wired cape
  • Two tone (black/red) fabric

Good Smile Berserk Guts “Band of The Hawk” Figma Action Figure


  • Imported from Japan
  • From the anime series
  • Flexible plastic allows for extra poseability
  • Includes multiple expressions
  • Huge sword and articulated figma stand included

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Cutie1 Berserk Griffith


  • Series Name: Cutie 1 (Cutie 1)
  • Manufactured and Released: Prime 1 Studio Co., Ltd
  • Size: Total Height: Approx. 4.7 inches (12 cm)
  • Material: Soft vinyl (PVC, ABS)
  • Includes a dedicated base

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Banpresto Berserk DXF Figure Griffith Separately Prize


  • Figurine

Good Smile Berserk: Golden Age Arc: Guts (Band of The Hawk Repaint Edition) Figma Action Figure


  • A Good Smile Company import
  • From the hit anime film series
  • Newly detailed face and skin paintwork
  • Comes with standard and shouting expressions
  • Huge sword, additional hands, and articulated figma stand

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