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The Best goliath awaits of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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Goliath Awaits [VHS]


    Adventure Awaits! – 4 Pack Hand-Carved Wooden Slingshots – Red, Blue, Yellow (or Blue), Green Sling Shots. Each Hand Painted Wood Slingshot is Sold in a Package of 4.


    • These hand-carved wood Colorful Slingshots make a great slingshots for kids and their friends!
    • In this 4 pack, we feature 4 Fancy Colorful slingshots
    • These slingshots are made of sturdy, solid wood. The paint is non-toxic.
    • Can shoot slingshot ammo 50+ ft!
    • Disclaimer: Never aim a slingshot at another person, animal or at any fragile objects or materials.

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    Summit Awaits


      Adventure Awaits! – 3 Pack – Hand-Carved Wooden Slingshots with Great Handle Holds – Handmade, Beautiful Smooth Finish! Each Slingshot (x3) is Together in one Package. Free 50-pk Ammo…Limited time!


      • These beautiful, smooth, hand-carved wood (burned wood look) Slingshots make a great slingshots for kids and their friends!
      • In this 3 pack, we feature 3 Great and exciting slingshots
      • These slingshots are made of sturdy, solid wood. The wood is non-toxic.
      • Can shoot slingshot ammo 50+ ft!
      • Disclaimer: Never aim a slingshot at another person, animal or at any fragile objects or materials.

      Danger Awaits


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        Joslin Ultimate Arm Sling, Child/Small Adult – Arm Sling for Broken & Fractured Bones –Adjustable Arm, Shoulder & Rotator Cuff Support – Soft, Breathable, Cotton-Spandex Fabric


        • Soft cotton spandex sling supports the arm from elbow to wrist
        • Goliath size fits individuals 6’7″+ tall, 300+ lbs., machine washable and tumble dry
        • Easy on the neck, the soft loop fabric strap adheres to a hook tab for easy adjustment
        • Soft fabric hand & thumb holders assure the arm is held gently & securely in place
        • Hook and loop closure allows it to be easily adjusted, holding the arm at the desired height for the user

        Adventure Awaits!! – 4 Pack Hand-Carved Wooden Slingshots with Great Handle Holds – Each Sling Shot is Hand Made and has a Burned Wood Look! Each Slingshot (x4) is Together in one Package


        • FUN! – These hand-carved burned wood slingshots make for great outdoor activity for young people and their friends!
        • DURABLE – These Items are hand-carved from solid wood, a sturdy design for endless hours of use
        • FUNCTIONAL – Simple trusted form provides accurate shots every time
        • SIZE – Each slingshot is rougly 7″ x 3″
        • Disclaimer: Never aim at another person, animal, or any fragile objects or materials.

        BASUNE Solid Wooden Slingshot Toys with Classic Construction Hunting Slingshot for Catapult Game, Outdoor, Hunting-for Kids/Children/Adult (Classic 1)


        • Solid wood handle is comfortable and easy to hold for both kids and adults
        • High quality rubber bands with faux-leather pocket for holding ammunition, which give you strong drawing force and good positioning.
        • With solid plug allows the slingshot to use security.
        • Great for eye and attention training, entertainment, competition and hunting.
        • Package: 1 slingshot with rubber band + 1 free spare rubber band


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        100% Wool Felt Balls – 50 Pieces | Hand-Felted Wool Pom Poms | Pure Wool Beads | Felt Ball DIY (20mm, Mixed Color)


        • Made from 100% Pure New Zealand wool and Hand-Felted in Nepal.
        • Ideal for DIY crafts, decorations and more.
        • The average size of these felt balls is around 20mm (0.8 inch). Size might vary slightly due to handmade-nature.
        • All colors used to dye these felt balls are AZO free and Non-Toxic.
        • Mixed Colors.

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