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The Best dagger dagger comic of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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Mutant Misadventures of Cloak And Dagger, The #18 FN ; Marvel comic book


  • Mutant Misadventures of Cloak And Dagger, The
  • Marvel
  • Written by Terry Kavanagh
  • Illustrated by Dave Ross
  • Cloak (Tyrone Johnson), Dagger (Tandy Bowen), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Mayhem (Brigid O’Rielly), Avandalia, D’Spayre, Thanos

Comic Book Lettering


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    Strange Tales #4 (1987)


    • Strange Tales #4 (1987)
    • Kevin Nowlan Cover
    • Very Fine- Collectible
    • Featuring Cloak and Dagger & Doctor Strange
    • Strange Tales Stories by Bill Mantlo & Peter Gillis

    GIFTEXPRESS 5-piece Halloween Pirate Costume Accessories for Kids, Pirate Role Play Set /Halloween Costumes for Boys/Pirate Paraphernalia (Pirate Sword, Compass, Dagger, Mask, Gun)


    • 5 piece pirate costume set: Pirate Kit Comes With Sword, Compass, Dagger, Mask, Gun
    • Flintlock Pistol Has Real Working Trigger That Makes Noise
    • All Pieces Painted To Look Like Real Worn Metal
    • Skull Mask Has Painted on Red Bandana
    • Rotating Compass Marked With Degrees (Non Functioning)

    Wuu Jau Co H-5923 Medieval Dagger with Golden Handle Design and Black Scabbard, 14″


    • 14″ Overall Length
    • Black & Gold Handle
    • Stainless Steel Blade
    • Includes black scabbard

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    Star Trek Episode 9: Dagger of the Mind Poster 18 x 24in


      Shatter Me


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        Adventure Awaits! – 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set – 20 Wood Arrows and 2 Quivers – for Outdoor Play


        • A crazy fun activity for Youth and Friends as well as Adults
        • Safe Rubber Tips, Long Lasting Bamboo Wood
        • Great For Birthday Parties as Well as Youth Activities and Cub Scouts
        • Please Don’t Point Arrows at People, Animals or Breakable Objects
        • Great Idea for Gifts, (ie. Christmas, Birthday, Etc.)

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        P.S Dark Assassin Dagger with Sheath, Medieval Renaissance Dagger. for Collection, Cosplay at Medieval or Renaissance Fairs Black


        • Dark Assassin Dagger with Sheath, Medieval Renaissance Dagger
        • 11″ overall
        • 5 1/4″ overall blade, ABS handle and sheath
        • 440 stainless steel blade
        • For Collection, Cosplay at Medieva or Renaissance Fairs

        SZCO Supplies 15.5” Black Medieval Style Celtic Knot Replica Display Dagger with Adorned Scabbard


        • DIMENSIONS: 15.5 inches overall (with scabbard) 5.5-inch handle. 9 inches in blade length, 1-inch width and 2mm thickness.
        • LASTING: This spear-point Celtic dagger blade is made with a quality stainless steel to ensure long-lasting quality against harsh elements with option to sharpen.
        • STRONG: The medieval dagger features a very solid ABS black handle accompanied with with a cast metal cross guard and pommel for a steady grip and protection along with a matching scabbard for safe stowing.
        • CLASSIC: Intricate medieval knife look with the pommel and guard both adorned with intricate Celtic knot metal-work and the black and silver color scheme staying true to the authentic medieval dagger style.
        • PURPOSE: This decorative knife is a must-have for knife collectors or history enthusiasts. Ideal accessory knife for costuming, cosplay and renaissance events. Makes an excellent display knife or gift knife to the collector in your life.

        Rubie’s Costume Wonder Woman Movie Sword Costume Accessory Costume


        • Wonder Woman Movie sword
        • Approximately 28 inches long
        • Officially licensed DC Comics costume accessory, only items sold and shipped by Amazon can be guaranteed to be authentic
        • Costume accessory, not designed for use as a toy
        • Complete your look with a Wonder Woman costume, available in sizes for children and adults; Create your own group of superheroes with costumes and accessories for Wonder Woman, Superman, The Flash, Batman, and their friends and foes

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