Choosing the right fabric for your Dakimakura is the most important decision you have to make when it comes to buying a Dakimakura. It even more important than which waifu you plan to bring home with you!

1. If you buy the Dakimakura for the first time, Peach Skin is a cost-effective fabric for choice.
2. If you want a Dakimakura for winter, Super Soft Velvet will keep you warm in cold night.
3. If you are looking for the best fabric , you will not regret to choose the 2 Way Tricot Fabric. It's super Smooth and Soft, very exquisite when printed with images.

Let us introduce these four fabrics: Peach Skin, Soft Velvet, Smoothknit, or 2way Tricot (or Two-way Tricot) for you in advance.

Types of Dakimakura Fabrics

2Way Tricot dakimakura Composition: 18%Spandex, 82%Polyester

- Feels super smooth, which be called “skin tactility”.
- Anti-wrinkle
- Very exquisite when printed with images
- Obvious nice elasticity and color rendring
- A little reflective.

Smoothknit body pillow Composition: 100%Polyester

- Colorful and never fade
- Soft and comfortable feeling
- Difficult to winkle

Peach Skin dakimakura Composition: 100%Polyester

- The most favourable material
- high cost performance
- Pretty color rendering
- soft and smooth feeling
- Nice durability
- Nearly with no elasticity

Super Soft Velvet pillow Composition: 100%Polyester

- Short velvet on the surface
- Relatively thick
- Soft and warm, it's really suitable for winter 

Hope you could make the right descision and buy the most suitable dakimakura ! 

Please pay attention to that, there's no inner pillow included with this order, if you want to buy one please click
this page.