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Exclusively Custom Made Dakimakura Service Available

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We can make custom-made pillow covers, bedsheets, duvet covers and much more!

1. Find an image that is at least 1,417 x 4,251 pixels (larger the better quality) and 120 and above dpi (dots per inch). If image file size is too large for upload, please upload to servers such as Dropbox, google drive, Flickr, etc... and send us the image file URL path so we can download it directly via email or at checkout. For more custom made resolution, see table below.

· Images should be in dimensions of ratio Height to Width: 3 to 1
· For 150 x 50cm Dakimakura, CMYK and RGB colors are fine.
· For front and back of each dakimakura, please separate into 2 photo upload(one-side print for only one photo)
· Recommend above 5MB file to ensure High Definition and no blurry result

2. Rename image file to your name-front.jpg (for example joe-front.jpg and joe-back.jpg), then upload the file in the above option.

3. Once confirmed, place the order here by Add to Cart. If you have more than 1 custom made, repeat steps 1 to 3 for each item.

You could send us image from here

Upload image to this page contacts us.

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Custom Made FAQ

1.How big the should the picture be?

-You may refer to the table shown above. Each product has minimum size requirement which corresponds to the picture size needed.

2.For wall banner, do I get the picture printed on both sides? 

-Custom made wall banner, bed sheet cover and duvet cover are single-sided printing only.

3.What if I have already created an order and have uploaded a low-resolution photo?

-If designs uploaded are too low, we will notify the customer to send a higher quality imageWe do not print custom made orders which have low-resolution photo. Once the customer had already submitted the minimum size requirement, we will proceed with the production.

4.How can I upload the image if the file size is too big?

-Proceed with the checkout process. Once done, please indicate your Order Number and send the front and back design to