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The Best colonial america hesperus of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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Colonial America


    ReliBeauty Pioneer Girl Dress Colonial Prairie Costume Blue, 6-7(130)


    • Dress: 100% cotton; apron: 95% polyester and 5% spandex.
    • White lace Peter Pan collar and elastic sleeves.
    • Dress features flower print with self-tie ribbon design at neckline.
    • Bonnet and white pinafore with flying sleeve design.
    • Please check our size chart before you purchase this costume.

    ReliBeauty Washington Costume Boys Hamliton American Colonial Uniform with Wig, 2T-3T/100


    • JACKET ATTACHED WITH VEST: Long blue coat with buff lapels, sleeve cuffs, facings and attached vest
    • PANTS AND BOOT TOPS: Pants with elastic waistband, easy to put on and off; black boot tops to match your own shoes
    • TRICORN HAT AND WIG: A black tricorn hat and a white wig help your kid dress up like a real George Washington
    • CRAVAT: White cravat with one button, suitable for various theme related occasions like Colonial Day and President Day
    • BEFORE YOUR PURCHASE: Please check our size chart before you purchase this costume

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    Carolan’s Farewell to Music


      Le Prelude / La Catherine (previously released track from the recording Colonial America)


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        Documents of Freedom Bundle. Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


        • Replicas of US Historical Documents
        • Replicas of Declaration of Independence size 15.5 x 14″, Bill of Rights size 15.5 x 14″, and Constitution of the U.S. 18.5 X 12.5″
        • 3 scaled down historical documents that match the color and appearance of the original documents.
        • Great for Teaching, Presentations, or framing
        • Look and feel old, great for presentations or framing if desired

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        Boys Benjamin Franklin Costume Medium (8-10)


        • Size: Medium (8-10)
        • 100% polyester
        • Brown felt coat has attached tan vest and attached shirt cuffs
        • Coat buttons up in front
        • White cravat fits around neck with hook & loop tape

        Planxty Browne / Planxty Burke


          George Washington Quotes Wall Art-“Right to Bear Arms”- 8 x 10″- Wall Print Art-Ready to Frame. Home Décor. Office-Lodge-Garage Décor. General George Washington Military Pose- 2nd Amendment Rights.


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            Parting Friends / Primrose


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