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The Best char roil replacement parts of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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VICOOL 14 5/8 x 4 1/4” Heat Plate Shield Replacement for Charbroil, Savor Pro, Kenmore, Master Chef, Rangemaster, Porcelain Steel, 3-Pack, hyJ853A


  • ➤Fits Charbroil Models: 461442114, 463226514, 463230112, 463230510, 463230511, 463230512, 463230513, 463230514, 463230515, 463230710, 463234511, 463234512, 463234513, 463235214, 463235513, 463239915, 463320107, 463320109, 463320110, 463320707, 463322613, 463334613, 463335014, 463338014, 463420107, 463434313.
  • ➤Fits Charbroil Models: 463436213, 463436214, 463436215, 463436413, 463436514, 463436813, 463439915, 463440109, 463440109B, 463441312, 463441412, 463441512, 463441513, 463441514, 463470109, 463622512, 463622513, 463622514, 463622515, 463622713, 463631410, 463631411, 463645015, 463650413, 4736232307, C-34G3CB, C-45G3CB, C-69G5.
  • ➤Fits Master Chef Models: 199-4758-2, 199-4759-0, 199-9556-2, 199-9557-0, 85-3004-2, 85-3005-0, 85-3008-4, 85-3009-2, 85-3024-4, 85-3025-2, 85-3062-2, 85-3063-0, 85-3064-8, 85-3065-6, 85-3100-2, 85-3101-0, G43205, G43209, G43215, G43216, G43227, G43237, G43238, G43257, G43258, G45101, G45102, G45104, G45105, G45118, G45119, G45123, G45124, G55101, G55102, G55103, G55104, G65001, G65002, S420LP, S480, S482, S550, T420, T420LP, T440, T480, T620LP, T620NG.
  • ➤Fits Kenmore Models: 16113, 16115, 16117, 16123, 16537, 415.16113, 415.16114010, 415.16115, 415.16117, 415.16123, 415.16123801, 415.16125, 415.16127, 415.16537900, 640-122390-115, 640-641215405, D02M90220. ➤Fits Master Forge Models: GD4215S, GD4825, GD4825S, GD4833; ➤Fits Savor Pro Models: GD4205S-M, GD4210S, GD4210S-B1; ➤Fits Thermos Models: 461334813, 461442114, 461633514, 463322012, 466360113, C-34G, C-34GS; ➤Fits Grill King 810-8425-S; ➤Fits Brinkmann 810-8425-S.
  • Dimensions: 14 5/8” x 4 1/4”; Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order!

Char-Broil 9446392 Surefire Electronic Ignition Button, Systems, Black


  • Replacement Button For All Char-Broil Surefire Ignition Systems
  • Char-Broil Designed
  • Easy To Install
  • No Assembly Required

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What does it mean for a char roil replacement parts product to be of high quality? Is it the materials used in its construction? The workmanship that goes into it? The reputation of the brand behind it? How well does it functions and serve its purpose? There are many factors that contribute to a product’s quality, but one of the most important is how satisfied customers are with it.

MikeGarden Grill Replacement Parts for Charbroil 463344116 463343819 466344116 463280219 463280419 Grill Burner G466-2500-W1 Heat Plates Tent Shield G361-0003-W1 Charbroil Advantage Replacement Parts


  • ✅【UPGRADED SOLID STAINLESS】All of ours charbroil replacement parts made of solid stainless, more strong and durable than others. distributes heat more evenly than other materials, long lasting. Some seller actually a stainless steel wrapped (This is where a thin sheet of stainless steel is wrapped around traditional steel)
  • ✅【Fits Charbroil Advantage 4 Burner Grills】Charbroil replacement parts 463344116 463343819 466344116 ✅【FITS CHARBROIL PERFORMANCE 3 BURNER GRILLS】463371116P1 463371116 463371116 463371316 463371716 463336016 463371719 463370919 463371319 463371119P1 463371119 463280019 463371119 463370719 463370919 463370917 ✅【COMPATIBLE WITH CHARBROIL PART MODEL】 Grill Burner G466-2500-W1 G432-8M00-01 Heat Plates G361-0003-W1
  • ✅【DIMENSIONS AND MATERIALS】 4 pack Stainless Steel grill burner 14 3/8 x 3/5″ ✅4 pack stainless steel heat plates 15 1/2 X 2″ 463344116 charbroil grill replacement parts burner kit char-broil gas grill 463344116
  • ✅【BUILT TO LAST】Charbroil replacement parts made of heavy duty 16GA stainless steel, distributes heat more evenly than other materials(20GA), long lasting.✅【HEALTHY AND EASY TO CLEAN】Stainless steel flavourizer bars have non-porous surfaces and high corrosion resistance, making them hygienic and safe for food preparation. They are less likely to breed germs from food residues.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】We are very care of your shopping experience. we provide 30 days manufacturer quality warranty with our no-hassle replacement guarantee. Please feel free to contact our customer service team by EMAIL if you have any questions, we would try our best to give you a great solution until you are satisfied.

GGC Heat Plate Replacement for Char Griller 3001, 3008, 3030, 4000, 5050, 5252, 5650,5072 and King Griller 3008, 5252, 3 PCS Porcelain Steel Chargriller Replacement Parts (18-15/16” x 3-7/8”)


  • Fits for Char Griller 3001, 3008, 3030, 4000, 4208, 5050, 5252, 5650, 5072;Char Griller replacement parts
  • Fits for King Griller 3008, 5252;King Griller replacement parts
  • Dimensions: 18 15/16″ x 3 7/8″ (length 18-15/16 inch, width 3-7/8 inch). Material: durable Porcelain-Enameled Steel. Package: 3 PCS heat plates. Char Griller parts replacement, please check the model and dimensions of your original parts before ordering
  • Both ends of these heat plates are designed with two square holes to firmly fix the plates on the burners. Easy to install on your grill, not only prevent the food from being directly exposed to the flame, but also protect the burner from the erosion of grease, better cooking effect and extending the service life of your grill.
  • Grill parts for Char Griller, the smooth surface is easy to clean up the seasonings and oils. After cleaning with a rag, wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth, wrap it in a plastic bag and place it in a dry place for maintenance.

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Grill Valueparts Grill Replacement Parts for Charbroil Performance 463673519 463625219 463625217 463673517 463673017 463347519 463275517 463244819 463625217 G470-5200-W1 G470-0004-W1 G321-4C00-W1


  • ✅【UPGRADED SOLID STAINLESS AND MORE THICKER THAN OTHERS 】【Product Material & Size】Includes 2pcs Stainless Steel Heat Tent,Charbroil G470-0004-W1 G470-0004-W1A, size 16 15/16 x 2 1/2″. 2 pcs Stainless Steel Tube Burner Charbroil G470-5200-W1 G321-4C00-W1 . size 17 3/4 x 3/5″, 1pc Stainless Steel Extendable Carry Over Tube (adjustable length 5 to 9.4 inch). This charbroil grill replacement parts are mainly used as charbroil 463625217 replacement parts .
  • 【Fits Charbroil Performance 2 Burner Grills】 463673517 463673017 463673519 463625219 463673617 463673017 463673517 463673617 463673619 463673019
  • 【Fits Charbroil Performance 4 Burner Grills】 Listing for 2-pack. Required 2 x (2-pack) for 4 Burner Grills 463376117 463377017 463347017 463332718 463347418 463335517 463347017 463361017 463376217 463376017 463376017P1 463377217 466335517 466339417 463349917 463376018P2 463342119 463376419 463376519 463376319 463376819 463377319 463375719 463377319 463332719 463335519 463375619 463376619 463376819 463377319 466342119 466347019 463375619 463376319
  • 【Fits Charbroil Performance 5 Burner Grills】 Listing for 2-pack. Required 3 x (2-pack) for 5 Burner Grills 463275517 463275717 463347518 463243518 463243519 463347519 463373319 463373019
  • 【Fits Charbroil Performance 6 Burner Grills】 Listing for 2-pack. Required 3 x (2-pack) for 6 Burner Grills 463276517 463276617 466245917 463238218 463277918 463244819 463274619 463274819 463274919 463274819 463274619. Made of stainless steel for prolonged grill life expectancy. Heat tent – Used to catch dripppings. Protects burners from grease drippings. Stainless Steel Burner – Allows grill temperature to be properly maintained.

Unicook Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Grill Heat Plate Shield Replacement, Heat Tent, Flavorizer Bar, Burner Cover, Flame Tamer for Gas Grill, Extends from 11.75″ up to 21″ L, 3 Pack


  • Extends from 11.75” up to 21” length, 3.75” width, 1” height, fits most gas grills. If installed reversely, the length will be extended from 11.75” to 18.37” only. Please measure the size of your original heat plates and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Prevents flare-ups and protects burners to prolong life, prevents direct exposure to flame and distributes heat evenly
  • Replaces heat tents for side-to-side and front-to-back burners. Upgraded Stainless Steel M5 bolts and wing nuts are included, easy to install
  • Thickness of porcelain steel is 1.2mm, heavy duty porcelain-coated steel construction; Thicker is better; longer lasting
  • Stainless Steel version is also available, click the “UNICOOK” button (top middle of the page) to get more details about the S/S version

You can’t go wrong with professionally branded char roil replacement parts products.

You can’t go wrong with professionally branded products.

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Grill Vaulueparts Grill Replacement Parts for Charbroil 463436215 463439915 G466-2500-W1 463436214 G432-Y700-W1 G432-0078-W1 463432114 463436213 463439914 467300115 463439914 461372517 G421-0500-W1


  • ✅【UPGRADED HIGH DENSITY PORCELAIN STEEL AND MORE THICKER THAN OTHERS 】 Our heat plates made of high density enamel porcelain process, more thicker and durable than others. Heavy duty and long lasting. resist stain,non-porous surfaces safe and healthy ☒Some seller actually a Low density wrapped and very thin.
  • 【Fits Charbroil Classic 4 Burner Grill 】463436215 replacement parts 463439915 replacement parts 463436213 463436413 Charbroil 463436215 replacement parts , Charbroil grill replacement parts 463436215 , Charbroil 463436215 parts , Charbroil 463439915 replacement parts , charbroil 463436214 replacement parts
  • 【Fits Charbroil Classic 4 Burner Grill 】463439915 463432114 463436414 463436415 【Fits Charbroil Classic 4 Burner Grills】463439914 463462114 467300115 463434413 charbroil 463436215 replacement parts, charbroil 463439915 replacement parts
  • 【 Fits Charbroil Thermos 3 Burner Grill 】461375519 461376719 461334813 461334814 461334915 461372517 Thermos gas grill replacement parts model 461334813 , grill parts charbroil 461334813
  • 【Product Materials & Dimensions】4 x Stainless steel burner 14 7/16″ x 1″, Original Model number: g432-y700-w1 G466-2500-W1 G421-0500-W1; 4 x Porcelain Enamel Heat plate Dimensions:15″ X 4 3/8″. Heat tent for charbroil gas grill 463436215. Original Model number G432-0096-W1. ❤ 3 x Adjustable Crossover Tube ( Length can be extended from 5 to 9.4 inch) G432-0078-W1. ❤ This kit only fits below listed Charbroil grill models, NOT for other brand grills.

BBQ Grill Thermometer Temperature Gauge Heat Indicator Replacement for Charbroil, Chargriller, Jenn/Air, Perfect Flame, King Griller, Dyna-glo Gas Grills, 2 inch Dia. Stainless Steel BBQ Temp Gauge


  • Measures 2″ Diameter, Easy to Read Dial. Accurately Measures Temperature from 100 Degrees up to 700 Degrees.
  • ✅Replacement Parts for Charbroil Grill 463212511, 463250210, 463250211, 463250212, 463250509, 463250510, 463250511, 463250512, 463250811, 463251012, 463251413, 463251414, 463251713, 463251913, 463742111, 466251413, 466251713. ✅Replacement Parts for Jenn/Air Grill 720-0163, 720-0336.
  • ✅Replacement Parts for Chargriller Grill 3001, 3008, 3030, 4000, 4208, 5050, 5072, 5252, 5650, 6020, 6620, 6719. ✅Replacement Parts for King Griller Grill 3008, 5252. ✅Replacement Parts for Nexgrill Grill 720-0163, 720-0812A.
  • ✅Replacement Parts for Perfect Flame Grill 2518SL-LPG, 2518SL-NG, 2518SLN-LPG, 720-0335. ✅Replacement Parts for DYNA-GLO Grill DCP480CSP. ✅Replacement Parts for Kenmore Grill 141.152230, 720-0341.
  • ✅Replacement Parts for Outdoor Gourmet Grill SRGG51103, SRGG51103A. ✅Replacement Parts for Presidents Choice Grill 324687, Shinerich Grill SRGG41009, BBQTek Grill GSF2616AK, Broil Chef Grill GSF2616AK, Tera Gear Grill SRGG41122.

Hongso Grill Replacement Part for Charbroil 463446015, 463446017, 463447018 Gas Grills, Stainless Pipe Burner g466-2500-w1, Heat Plate Tent Shield g465-0012-w1, Adjust Crossover Tube g465-0007-w1


  • 【Barbecue Replacement Parts】Repair kit includes 4-pieces stainless steel grill burners, 4-pieces stainless steel heat plates, 3-pieces adjustable crossover tubes
  • 【Fits For】Repair kits For Charbroil 463446015, 463447018, Charbroil Conventional 463446017 Gas Grill Models
  • 【Dimension & Material】Stainless Steel Burner Dimesion: 14 3/4″ long, 4-pack, Original parts number: g466-2500-w1; Stainless Steel Heat Tents Dimesion: 16″ X 1 15/16″, 4-pack, Original parts number: g465-0012-w1; Stainless Steel Adjustable Carry Over tube: Adjust from 5 to 7.8 inches, 3-Pack, Original parts number: g465-0007-w1
  • 【High Quality Repair Parts for Grill】Replace the high quality stainless steel barbecue replacement parts to make your grill work like new, extend the life of your grill, which can saves you a lot of money and time. They will be the ideal choose for your grill
  • 【Please Note】Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us

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Lastly, I loved how easy they are to care for because when they get dirty or stained there isn’t much effort in getting them clean again! Overall these products have been amazing for me and would definetly recommend them if you’re looking for a better one! Some tips you before you should know:

1. Consider the size of char roil replacement parts products
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6. Do some research on reviews and customer service before making your purchase decision

Direct Store Parts Kit DG101 Replacement for Charbroil Gas Grill Burners,Heat Plates and Crossover Tubes


  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Replacement For Charbroil Models: 463248108, 463260707, 463261107, 463268007, 463268008, 463268606, 463268706, 466248108, 466268008
  • Replacement For burner part numbers G413-5000-01, 80005703, 80005591, 80006502, 80013421, CBP2. Replaces heat shield part numbers 80003332; Replaces cross over tube part numbers 80009949, 80006583, 80010680, 80009028, G413-0004-01.
  • Replacement For Burner Dimensions: 15 7/8″ x 1″ ; Burner Material: Stainless Steel; Heat Tent Dimensions: 16″ x 3 13/16″ ; Heat Plate Material: Porcelain Steel; Crossover Dimensions: 6 3/8″ ; Carry Over Material: Stainless Steel;
  • Direct store Parts Kit includes 3 Stainless Steel carry-over tubes, 4 Stainless Steel burners and 4 Porcelain Steel heat plates;

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