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The Best cargill c3 wax of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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NO. 1


CARGILL C3 Soy Wax 250g, White


  • 100% soy wax which is ideal for container candles
  • Super clean burning, very low shrinkage.
  • exceptional scent throw
  • super clean burning, very low shrinkage.
NO. 2


NatureWax C-3 1 lb Sample


  • Best for hand pouring but may be run on an automated line
  • Can rip wicks and re-melt tops, but not completely necessary as there is minimal sink upon cooling
  • Complete glass adhesion
  • No fat bloom when properly cooled. Good cold and hot throw
  • Compatible with most fragrances, even those not specifically formulated for soy waxes
NO. 3


Cargill c-3 coconut wax flakes. 2.5 pounds


    NO. 4


    NatureWax C-3 100% Soy Candle Wax (50lb) Also in 1 lb and 5 lb


    • C3 Naturewax Candle Blend Container Wax is a 100% natural soy-based wax. Excellent for hand pouring, and can also be used on an automated line. Ability to rip wicks and re-melt tops, however not necessary as there is minimal sink upon cooling. Offers complete glass adhesion. No fat bloom when properly cooled. Excellent cold and hot throw. C-3 is compatible with most fragrances, even those not specifically formulated for soy waxes.
    • Excellent for hand pouring, and can also be used on an automated line.
    • Ability to rip wicks and re-melt tops, however not necessary as there is minimal sink upon cooling.
    • Offers complete glass adhesion.
    • No fat bloom when properly cooled. Excellent cold and hot throw. C-3 is compatible with most fragrances, even those not specifically formulated for soy waxes.
    NO. 5


    The Candlemaker’s Store 05417002641 Natural Soy Wax, 10 lb. Bag, White


    • This is a good container blend with a 121-125 melt point that is blended with 2% of our Universal Soy Wax Additive
    • This wax can hold up to 15% Fragrance and has an incredible hot throw
    • You can also blend this with the 416 Soy wax to create beautiful tarts
    NO. 6


    Bounec 4 Pounds Candle Making Pouring Pot, Wax Melting Pitcher – Aluminum Construction with Dripless Spout and Heat-Resistant Handle – Complete with 1 Stirring Tool and 1 Trivet Mat (4 lb)


    • Perfect container for melting and pouring all waxes for your small to large batch DIY projects
    • Ideal size at 8-inch tall by 5.5-inch diameter holding up to 4 lb (64 oz) of melted wax
    • Top quality seamless aluminum body with excellent heat conductivity
    • Equipped with a sturdy heat-resisting plastic handle that fits most large pots
    • Includes 1 durable stirring tool and 1 silicone trivet mat
    NO. 7


    CandleScience All Natural Soy Candle Wax (5 lb)


    • Wax is pre-weighed in 1 pound bags, so no scale required
    • Simply mix 1 bag soy wax to 1oz fragrance oil
    • Packaged in flake form
    • Golden brands (AAK) 464 soy wax
    • Made in the USA
    NO. 8


    Golden Brands 444 Soy Wax, 10lb Bag, Natural Soy Wax Flakes for Candle Making and DIY Projects, All-Natural, Paraffin-Free, Candle Making Supplies by InYourNature


    • [CANDLE MAKERS FAVORITE] – One of the best selling soy wax brands in the world (if not the best!). Due to its relatively low melting point (119-125°), the wax is beautifully creamy and smooth as it melts. Definitely a favorite of soy candle makers everywhere!
    • [ALL NATURAL SOY WAX] – Plant-based waxes are a completely natural and renewable resource and the preferred choice in the journey toward sustainability. This reliable supply source provides a long list of environmental advantages, including but not limited to the wax being: non-toxic, biodegradable, clean burning and completely free of animal derived substances.
    • [HOLDS SHAPE IN WARM WEATHER] – 444 has a higher melt point than 464 wax. Higher melt point helps to prevent candles from losing their form in warmer conditions.
    • [PERFECT FOR DIY PROJECTS] – Golden Brands 444 soy wax is easy to work with and versatile for any project- whether you are a beginner or a candle making expert! It blends well with many other waxes such as paraffin, slack, and microcrystalline wax. Note that it is not recommended to blend GW 444 with beeswax.
    • [PRODUCED FROM US GROWN SOYBEANS] – We support local agriculture- our soy wax is produced solely from US grown soybeans and the entire manufacturing process takes place in the United States.
    NO. 9


    All Natural, Golden Brands, Candle Making Soy Wax 444 Flakes 10 LB(106 oz) Unscented, USA Made, for DIY Candle Making, Candle Projects, Kits, Supplies (USA) (10 LB)


    • *BUYING ANCIENT HEALTH REMEDIES CANDLE MAKING SOY WAX 444 FLAKES are the best product and most affordable on the market for Do It Yourself enthusiast. great for holding in scents and Can be used in a Variety of Ways From Aroma Therapy Candles, Custom Candles at Novice or Expert levels of DYI Candle Making Projects.
    • *100% VEGAN, All-Natural, PARAFIN FREE, PETROLEUM FREE, CRUELTY FREE AND READY USE Candle Making Soy Wax 444 Flakes Our wax will burn clean without unhealthy chemicals found in traditional Candle Wax. Our Candle Making Soy Wax 444 Flakes are a natural soy wax containing a soy based additive to reduce frosting. Our wax contains plant-based additives that are naturally found in the environment as a renewable resource and is a more environmentally friendly way to make Candles.
    • *PERFECT CANDLE WAX for Making Candles in Jars or Tins use Candle Making Soy Wax 444 Flakes has a higher melt point than 464 wax which allows the candles to hold their Shape Better in Warmer Climates.
    • *DIRECT FROM ANCIENT HEALTH REMEDIES , Easy to use flakes are sealed twice in a high quality bag and box to preserve maximum freshness. We continue to revolutionize and contributions to the packaging and manufacturing industry with years of research and consumer friendly packaging solutions.
    • *SOURCED FROM USA PROVIDING FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR AMERICAN RURAL FARMING COMMUNITIES. Our Candle Making Soy Wax contains ingredients grown in rural America and helps struggling farmers providing economical sustainability for families in the USA.

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