What is a Dakimakura Pillow? Most anime fans will know instantly just by having a look at it, but how much do you really know about it?Do you know why there is only 150cm and 160cm length anime dakimakura rather than 140cm or shorter one?Do you know how to choose the right fabric for your waifu pillow and which fabric is the best?And where to buy the best quality dakimakura online?So today, I am going to talk about dakimakura pillow, and we will get a closer

1.What’s dakimakura pillow?

Dakimakura pillow was from Japan.It’s famous all around Japan. The largest audience is the young people who love animes.They let their favourite anime star on the huge hugging pillow. Almost all the dakimakura pillows are an inner body pillow plus a very beautify large pillow case. It’s very attractive to young people, many anime fans print beautiful and sexy anime girls on the pillow case. So it’s a security gift, but not all like that. You can buy seriousness dakimakura too.

In fact, many people like this product because it’s associated with a love pillow. Love pillows are a subset of dakimakura usually portraying life-size pictures of anime characters. Some pillows may portray anime characters or pornographic film actors in suggestive poses.

In shortly, a dakimakura is a huge body pillow with a case on it. But you can have many different covers, you can change it as you like, and buy your lovely anime characters or even a dog on it. It’s your choice. Because almost all the dakimakura are tailor-made.


Actually, Dakimakura is not an old product, actually, it appears from the 1990s, the use of the printer makes it available to print the pictures of anime boys or girls on the pillow case, which is the beginning of the dakimakura pillow. Although sometimes called a “Dutch wife”, the original definition of this phrase is closer to the chikufujin, or “bamboo wife”. We call waifu pillow too. It’s really wonderful to hug your waifu, and if you sleep with her she’ll eventually warm up to body temperature which is really great when you wake up.

Dakimura was famous from 2015, many anime fans show it on the street, so it’s not only an otaku products, you could easily find lots of anime fans hugging with a dakimakura in Tokyo, Osaka…or other cities in Japan.


2.Dakimakura different size and why there is only 160cm and 150 cm long dakimakura pillow

Most of the dakimakura has 150CM(long) and 160CM(long) size.  Of course the 160cm is the best one. Because it’s really body pillow to Japanese. But to the Americans, maybe it should be 190cm, Uh huh. But the max size of the pillow is 160cm, therefore we do not have the better choice.

Too long is not a good choice, at least it is true for the postage in the past.At first, there is only 160CM long dakimakura.Due to the widespread of anime, anime dakimakura pillows are accepted by more and more people, and it was at that time that the shipping fees becomes a problem, for that the 160CM’s weight is over 2KG. A package at 2.001 Kg suddenly jumps a class to “Standard Air Parcel” which cost between 2 to 4 times more to ship depending on where you ship from and the destination. Pillow manufacturers experimented with using lighter inner pillow filling at first which did not turn out well at all. So they came up with the 150cm pillow! International fans were just as, if not, more satisfied with their purchases while saving $30+ in shipping fees.

But now, it’s not a problem anymore. Because almost all the sellers send the product via DHL express shipping, and there is no more big difference in shipping between the two size dakimakuras. Therefore, you can choose which you like, there is no better choice in the aspect of postage.But from my own experience, the inches of the length difference in dakimakura do matter a lot in the aspect of feeling. it’s really unnerving when your waifu’s face is all deformed because the pillow has sunken too low or you’re hugging her and her feet are all floppy.


Longer, and more comfortable!

3.How to choose the right fabric for your dakimakura pillow?

Which fabric is best for anime dakimakura?How Does The 2WT fabric feel like and is it worth the high price?The fabric problem is always the most concerned problem when we buy anime body pillow for the first time.Now, this guide will not only help you in finding the best fabric, but it will also help you in identifying the best fabric fit for your body and budget!

Peach Skin Dakimakura (Composition: 100%Polyester)

Fabric characteristics: Peach Skin is the fabric that will be adored by your wallet! It is the cheapest one of the 4 fabrics.Peach skin fabric is the most favourable material, which has high-cost performance, pretty colour rendering, soft and smooth feeling, and nice durability, but nearly with no elasticity.


Smoothknit body pillow (Composition: 100%Polyester)

Fabric characteristics: This fabric is also called  “Japanese Textile”, one of the common pillow fabric in Japan. Elastic fabric can be stretched only one direction. colourful and never fade, soft and comfortable feeling. Difficult to winkle, exquisite picture. While it doesn’t excel in any particular area, it doesn’t disappoint either. Picture quality is quite good and when referring to softness, it has peach skin beat.


Super Soft Velvet pillow (Composition: 100%Polyester)

Fabric characteristics: Short velvet on the surface, it feels relatively thick, soft and warm, it’s really suitable for winter, exquisite picture.Super Soft Velvet has long been associated with royalty. In other words, it’s for those who have the time and patience to take care of this bi-polar thread. It will not serve you long in terms of durability. Another downside is the picture quality which isn’t as defined as other fabrics due to the nature of velvet. A piece like this is really for those who will love it for it’s pampering feel.


2Way Upgrade Tricot dakimakura (Composition: 18%Spandex, 82%Polyester)

Fabric characteristics: This is the God among Gods! It has the best picture quality! Its softness-o-meter is off the charts! What’s more, it will last FOREVER!! We use the same fabric called “2Way Tokyo upgrade ” with A&J Inc, which is a famous Japanese pillow manufacturer. Japanese original pillows market, which feels relatively thick, smooth, which be called “skin tactility”. This kind of Elastic fabric can be stretched in 4 directions, anti-wrinkle, and very exquisite when printed with images. It has obvious nice elasticity and colour rendering than peach skin material, and the material is also smooth and a little reflective.


So What about the price of each fabric body pillow cover?I have got one table for you to refer!The price of the each kind of fabric is average, and you could take it as a reference.


In Summary: As we can see from the chart, the peach skin dakimakura is the cheapest one, and you just need $38 to get one 100*35cm peach skin dakimakura pillow.And the 2 Way Tricot fabric dakimakura is the most expensive one, but there is one saying–You will always get what you pay, the performance of the 2WT fabric is really amazing! So if you have money to spare then this really should be your best choice when deciding to purchase your anime body pillow!And if you don’t have too much money, but you don’t want the peach skin, then Super Soft Velvet and Smooth Knit will be a not bad choice for you!

4.How to choose the right material for your body pillow inner?

The fabric for dakimakura pillow inner is one of the most valuable investments in the whole pillow, and in the same way, it is the most neglected part of the whole dakimakura. How so?As we usually have a lot of body pillow covers, but only one pillow inner and the inner gives our body the most support when we sleep. It is really important to choose one cotton breathable inner body pillow for your dakimakura. Therefore, we could not neglect the problem anymore!

There are mainly two kinds of different fabric materials for body pillow inner– PP Cotton and Eiderdown Cotton. The two kinds of materials

PP Cotton

This material. also known as polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in a wide variety of applications.It is flexible and moderate, the performance is good.

Eiderdown Cotton

Eiderdown Cotton is one of the best material for dakimakura inner, due to the reason the fabric has a high performance, the Fabric characteristics of Fabric characteristics could be regarded as perfect–Thin, and handle delicate; soft and heat preservation, best of all, it does not change form easily, which is quite suitable for pillow.


As for the price of each body pillow inner, you could learn easily from the performance of each material. Spend more money, buy better. I have made one table for you, and the price of the each different material in different size varies.Here I take the inner price from the professional dakimakura online store Coosfly, you could take it as a reference when you buy your anime dakimakura pillow inner.


Some customers have asked the question–“Are expensive pillows worth the extra price?” and came to the conclusion of, “YES.”

The more expensive inner will always provide better support and durability than the budget alternatives from Amazon or eBay.Straight out of the bag this pillow oozes quality, it’s a well-made pillow of standard size, with a well stitched and soft pillowcase, with no sign of any filling egress or even any down fibres in the packaging. The first thing everyone does with this pillow is to give it a squeeze, that’s when you know where the money really goes; it’s super smooth and soft, like how I’d imagine hugging a cloud to be, but it quickly springs back into shape beautifully, like it’s being inflated with an air hose.

5.Where to buy the best quality Anime Dakimakura body pillow?

Q: Hi, I am looking to buy a Dakimakura but have recently realised you actually need to buy a pillow for the “covers”! I was wondering if anybody knew where to find the best quality.

A: I  am so glad to answer the question that you have posted. There are mainly 3 different ways to buy anime body pillow, and I will introduce the pros and cons of each way, and then you will find the most suitable way to choose your anime dakimakura.

1.Buy dakimakura pillow in the physical pillow stores

Pros: You could touch the material and feel it.

Con: The designs of dakimakura in the real stores are rare, and the dakimakura are almost out of stylish. The most important thing is that it’s too embarrassing to buy a sexy or adult-theme dakimakura in crowded shops. Check out can also be tedious. Long lines, irate customers or cashiers, heavy push carts or baskets can be unappealing in physical pillow stores.

Suggestions: If you would like to buy some common style dakimakura, you could go directly to the pillow store to choose.

2.Shop on Amazon/eBay

Pros: You could compare the same dakimakura in different store easily.

Cons: –The update is slow, when you want to get the newest dakimakura, you will find it hard to find it.

– The risk of closure in Amazon.

And as we know that the anime dakimakura is always banned on Amazon, so maybe one of the top seller shops will leave out tomorrow, and you could contact no one of the online shops, the quality could not be guaranteed. So if you want to get more professional service, please avoid Amazon.


3.Buy dakimakura pillow from Coosfly

Professional makes it more awesome, as Coosfly is one of the original anime dakimakura makers in the US, with decades of experience in making a life-size pillow, and it’s now the No.1 anime dakimakura maker in the US. Coosfly has man y advantages over other stores in these areas:

1.Professional. That is the  no.1 advantages that I have to mention.Having decades of experience in making body pillow, Coosfly has the unmatched expertise in the field of dakimakura, I am afraid there will no one who is able to match it in this field.


2.Expertise.Expertise is the second thing that I have to mention about.Coosfly has the biggest artist and tailor team in the US, with the high tech advanced Japanese imported printer, and all the artist are the top in the design area.And there is another thing that I have to mention is that the strong productive of Coosfly.Each anime body pillow is hand sewed by our tailor, and all the works could be finished in 1 days.

3.Quality Guarantee. With the advanced tech, double detector process, best and advanced printer, you will always get the best quality product.

4.Dakimakura Custom Service.If you want to custom your own dakimakura, then this service is quite helpful.

5.Variety .Coosfly online Shop has 10000+ designs of your beloved dakimakura, 100% original. All the pictures come from the artists’ original exquisite drawing, with ultra-high resolution printing technology. And we update quickly, so you can find the newest design of your beloved character on our site. Shopping from Coosfly.com allows you to find many products that you wouldn’t be able to find in other stores.

6.Money Back Guarantee. We use Paypal as the payment way, and 30 days money back guarantee service is available in our store.

In Summary

So if you ask me where to buy the suitable dakimakura, I would love to say–Actually, it depends on what you are looking for if you are looking for the best one, I would direct you to the Coosfly, which is the most professional dakimakura online store in the US. If you care about the quality and take it as an investment for your spine, then Coosfly is the most suitable place to buy dakimakura pillow!