Are you looking to buy Mirai Nikki Dakimakura? These Japanese body-hugging pillows have become popular among the ardent fans of the manga series. In this article, we will tell you where you can find Mirai Nikki anime dakimakura, the popular characters that are in high demand, and how to take care of your body pillow. But, before anything else let’s take a look at what the manga series is all about and what makes it so popular.

What Is The Story Plot Of Mirai Nikki?

Mirai Nikki is a Japanese manga series with a gripping story plot. It has been written by Sakae Esuno. The Story revolves around the life of a high school student named Yukiteru Amano who is a loner and prefers keeping to himself. Instead of interacting with people and making friends, he takes pleasure in jotting down his thoughts in a personal diary. He befriends with two imaginary companions known as the Deus Ex Machina, who is the God of Time and Space; and Murmur, his servant. In a course of events, it is revealed that Deus is a real identity and he forces Yuki to take part in the battle to protect a Random Diary that has strong entries regarding the future. As Yuki participates in the battle with eleven other people who possess the diaries, it marks the beginning of a bloody battle royal.

Each contestant has a diary that is capable of depicting the future. There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with the diaries. As the battle turns fierce, the contestants must kill each other in the next 90 days in order to survive so that there’s just one winner. The last man standing will be declared the new God of Time and Space. Yuki reluctantly pairs up with another diary owner named Yuno Gasai, who takes it upon her to ensure Yuki’s safety. As the story evolves, we get to know that there much more to the girl than what meets the eye. For her, it becomes a way to realize her unrequited love.

This manga series was first released in a Japanese magazine called the Shonen Ace in 2006. The publisher was Kadokawa Shoten. By 2011, about 11 different volumes were released of the manga series. After getting the license by Tokyopop, ten of those series were translated into English and named the Future Diary’. The last two volumes were not released because Tokyopop ceased releasing volumes in North America. Thus, Mirai Nikki gained immense popularity among the manga fans, leading to demand for a plethora of Mirai Nikki themed merchandise and accessories. The Mirai Nikki Dakimakura is one of the most popular items based on the Japanese manga series.

Who Are The Main Characters In Mirai Nikki?

Yukiteru Amano is the main protagonist of the story and he is also a mysterious character with several shades that make him more interesting. He is basically a loner with no real friends and this drives him into an imaginary world. Yuno Gasai is one of the contestants in the battle for survival but she joins hands with Yuki for a secret purpose. Other interesting characters are Minene Uryuu, Muru Muru, and Rea Amano.

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1. Yuno Gasai Anime Body Pillowcase

Yuno Gasai is the female protagonist of the Japanese manga series, and she is also a contestant of the battle for survival. From the name of her diary ukiteru Diary’ we can safely say that she is hopelessly in love with Yukiteru Amano. If you would like Yuno to be your sweet girlfriend then check out our three exciting pillow covers at If you want her to be your sweet girlfriend, check out the New Mirai Nikki Gasai Yuno Japanese Anime Dakimakura at Those who prefer things to spice up a little may check out the New Mirai Nikki Gasai Yuno Japanese Anime Dakimakura. Another one that’s sure to steal your heart away is the New Mirai Nikki Gasai Yuno Japanese Anime Dakimakura where you can see sensuous Yuno revealing her exposed butt.

2. Yukiteru Amano Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover

Yukiteru Amano, the main protagonist of Mirai Nikki series and the first Diary user. Yukiteru always wears a beanie, shorts with a holster for his throwing darts, and an overcoat with a black undershirt and a zipper. He has black hair and blue eyes. Although he is a boy, Yukiteru Amano is easy to cry. Therefore he usually needs Yuno to protect him and has a complex relationship with her. Yuki is naive for quickly trusting people whether they be friend or other diary users as they may have ulterior motives. But Yuno is his strong ally, her mad obsessive love for him to the point she is willing to kill or use anyone so both of them can survive scares him yet despite the many things she does that shocks him. If you like Yukiteru Amano, it’s really funny to own a Yukiteru body pillow, hugging or decorating your house with it.

3. Minene Uryuu Anime Dakimakura Love Pillows

Another popular character in Mirai Nikki is Minene Uryuu, who possesses the ninth Diary known as the Escape Diary. She is a young woman with violet eyes and purple hair. During a Survival Game, she loses an eye and so wears an eyepatch to cover the area. She is usually seen wearing a standard outfit that comprises military trousers, a black jacket, a tank top, and a jacket. If you looking for Minene Uryuu Dakimakura, you can find them at can also check out our other body pillow covers that feature the most adorable characters in the anime world. Whether you want a sweet girlfriend or a hot waifu, we have you covered.

4. Rea Amano Japanese Dakki Waifu Pillowcases

Rea Amano is the mother of the main protagonist of the story Yukiteru Amano. She divorced her husband as he was bad at handling money matters. She is kind and caring with admirable cooking skills. Her gentle appearance, long brown hair, blue eyes and red specs, defines her personality. If you would like to buy a Dakimakura that has this blue-eyed woman printed on the covers, visit Don’t forget to take a look at our other Mirai Nikki Dakimakura collections where you can find your favorite anime characters with sweet expressions and suggestive poses. Take one of our waifu pillows home and your life will never be the same again!

5. Muru Muru Japanese Hugging Pillow Covers

Muru Muru is the servant of God Of Space and Time, and she acts like a judge for the Survival Game. Although she does not have a significant part in the main storyline, she usually serves as a comic relief in intense situations. If you are looking for Muru Muru body-hugging pillows, visit Coosfly as we excel in making various Mirai Nikki Dakimakura. If you don’t find any Muru Muru pillow covers now, make sure you check back again as our designers are constantly adding to our collection. We use the latest technology in printing to ensure that our creative designs look real and offer pure joy to the customers. You can choose from three different quality fabrics depending upon your budget.

6. Aru Akise Dakimakura Anime Hugging Pillow

Aru Akise, a handsome body, is very intelligent and hypocritical. He has white hair and red eyes. He could outsmart them even when he was surrounded by people who had future-predicting diaries. Aru is one of Yukiteru Amano’s friends, and later becomes one of the main characters of the series. Aru Akise dreams of becoming the world’s greatest detective one day. The student detective is able to correctly deduce the culprit behind the serial dog murders even before the police. Although Aru Akise is a supporting role, his intelligence and sharpness own lots of popularity for him. If you also want to have an Aru Akise dakimakura pillow, you choose custom made. Just send us your favorite Aru Akise look images, our professional designers will create a deluxe Aru Akise hugging pillowcases for you.

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