Today is December 29th, 2017, the new year is coming! What’s your plan for the new year 2018? Are you planning on getting one special gift for the new year? If you are planning on the new year present, maybe this article will be quite helpful to you! We are going to take a closer look at the Top 15 wonderful body pillows that you should not miss 2017! Let’s have a look at which are the hottest pillows in 2017 together! Here we go!

1.Anime Dakimakura Waifu Pillows 

waifu pillow

When talked about body pillows, anime dakimakura pillow is absolutely one of the best and the most popular items that you should not miss. You could custom no matter which characters from anime onto your anime dakimakura pillow cover as you like. These wonderful designs get started to boom with the popularity of anime. You could see lots of teenagers hugging with one or two body pillows in the street when you stepped into Tokyo! Dakimakura is the kind of things that could make Otakus dream come true!

2. Specially Designed for pregnant women Pillows


It just looks like the moon, as you know, this kind of dakimakura is specially designed for pregnant women. This kind of pillows have a shape of banana, it is used to hold and support, what’s more, the cushion can be used for feeding, you could find these designs on Amazon.

3. L Shape body pillows


Wanna to sleep on your ex-boyfriend’s arm? Don’t worry, this wonderful L shape body pillow is a good choice for you! You can sleep on it and play with the cell phone.

4.Super Soft U shaped pillows


If you are looking for a comfortable pillow, then this U shape pillow will be the perfect choice for you, it offers a super wonderful support for your body, you will have a good sleep with it!

5.Lovely Bear Shape Pillows


If you enjoy lovely anime and wanna to have a close friend when you are lonely, then the bear shape dakimakura is quite suitable for you!

6. Pig shape dakimakura


Wanna to have a more Kawaii and cute animal friend? Or wanna to give a surprise to your girlfriend? Then this pig shape pillow will give your friend a big surprise!

7.Kawaii Totoro Anime Pillows


If you have watched the wonderful anime My Neighbor Totoro, I bet that you will love this lovely and friendly Totoro, just as you, I love this design so much, and I am planning on to buy one Totoro pillow for my new cousin!

8.  Craft holic Anime Pillow


The pillows have loose craft holic, facial expressions, and body weakness. This design is quite popular with some Japanese girls, they thought the pillow is cool enough!

9.Super Cool pillows


When coming to Summer, a cool body pillow will be an essential product for you! This pillow will help you to have a comfortable and cool summer when the weather gets hot!

10.Loyal friend sheep pillows


It looks that the sheep is sleeping deeply, actually, this adorable sheep dakimakura pillow is mainly designed for little kids or someone who cannot sleep well at night, and the price is quite cheap, you just need 3024 yen to get one on Amazon!

11. Doris body pillows


It looks like the former one, but actually, these two pillows are different. This pillow has two kinds of covers, one is specially designed for summer, and the other is for winter. Therefore, you don’t need to change your pillows when the weather changes!

12. Long memory foam pillow


As for the users, the most annoying problem is that our pillow is easy to get flat when we sleep at night. But you don’t have to worry about the problem anymore if you have this one! It could recover from the shape quickly after you use it!

13. Big pillows


If your height is over 190cm, then some pillows will not be useful for you. Don’t worry about it, this big pillow will help you out, it is specially designeed for guys who is so tall that he could not find a suitable pillow.

14. Mogu hugging pillows


If you wanna to have a more comfortable sleeping experience, maybe this Mogu hugging bolster pillow will be suitable for you! The material used in the powder beads, and motivation to be enslaved by a unique touch without a doubt. In order to deformation in accordance with the bead body, healing and exquisite taste best when fit tightly embracing. And the price of the pillow is quite high compared to above ones, it costs nearly 6800 yen for one!

15.King of the beach hugging pillow


When you take a rest on the beach, this beach hugging pillow would be suitable for you! This pillow is called as King of the beach hugging pillow, once you have one, you will not want to separate from it anymore!

At last, if you are interested in these wonderful body pillows, welcome to Coosfly to take them home!