What happens when you take two great players and drop them in a fantasyland? You get No Game No Life, a Japanese light novel series created by Yu Kamiya. When it first appeared in 2014, it soon became one of the top 30 bestselling novels in Japan. By May 2017, more than three million copies of the novel were sold. The English version of the anime series was also well received and applauded by the viewers. With such a fan following and popularity in the anime world, No Game No Life Dakimakura has become one of the hottest commodities for anime fans around the world.

The story revolves around a brother and sister team named Shiro and Sora. They are two hikikomori who together create a gaming team of undefeated gamers called Blank. While Shiro has the ability to understand the game and play like a genius, Sora is capable of reading the mind of the player and play like a genius. Taking into account their genius capabilities, God calls them to Disboard to put their reputation to test. The brother-sister team plan to defeat the 16 ruling species and take over the God of Games in order to save their reputation. In their quest to stay the most undefeated gaming team, they come across different challenges that they conquer with full determination. Then what are the popular characters and corresponding themed dakimakura pillows in No Game No Life series?

1. Shiro and Sora Anime Body Pillowcases

This anime series has some amazing characters that make the game worth watching. If you are an ardent gaming enthusiast then this anime series is like a dream come true. Shiro and Sora are the main protagonists of the story and they form the undefeated team. Sora is an 18-year-old male who is incredibly fast at analyzing games and making quick strategies. Shiro is his 11-year-old step sister who surpasses him in intelligence. She is great at calculations and logic which helps her read the opponent’s mind. When it comes to No Game No Life body pillows, Shiro and Sora are the two more popular characters to look for.

2. Fiel Nirvalen Anime Dakimakura Pillow

Fiel Nirvalen mostly uses her shortened name Fii and she is an elf girl who is also the game partner of Chlammy Zell. She helps Chlammy Zell cheat in the game using her magic skills so that she could be the winner. She wears a young physical appearance but is actually over 50 years of age. Although Fiel Nirvalen is not considered a great magician, she has some really wonderful skills. Fiel cares for Chlammy and she can go to any extents to take care of her. She is usually seen as smiling and has a soft voice, but she can get serious at times when the situation demands.

3. Jibril Japanese Hugging Pillow Cover

Jibril is another popular character and she is a 6000-years old Flugel who is the youngest and most powerful of her series. After losing it out to the brother-sister duo in a game of Shirtori, she becomes their slave. At times, she uses her magic to perform different things and help others. If you are smitten by the beauty and charisma of Jibril, get our No Game No Life pillow that features her on the pillow cover. Our high-quality print on the pillow cover shows Jibril wearing a sexy outfit and a striped stocking in one leg. We love the halo on her head that reminds us that she is a celestial being. 3.

4. Miko Waifu Pillow Hugging Pillowcase

Miko is a popular character who is also an envoy of the Werebeasts. She initially looked down upon the Imanity clan but after meeting Shiro and Sora, she gains trust in them and starts respecting Imanity. Although she is portrayed as a strong and powerful woman, she always has a smile on her face which shows her level of knowledge and self-confidence. As a leader, she is affectionate towards her people and she asks Sora to take care of them if something happened to her. In the last episode, Miko is impressed by Sora’s intelligence and his ability to think of new ways to save Ino and win the game.

5. Stephanie Dola Anime Body Pillow Cover

Stephanie, the granddaughter of the Former King of Imanity, is also the assistant of Shiro and Sora. She loves her grandfather dearly and becomes angered when people call him a fool. Stephanie is also expressive and emotional, so she cannot hide her emotions very well. She gambled to be the next queen of the country and she falls in love with Sora after losing the game to him in Episode 02. And lastly, Steph actually lost a bit of her mind when she was defeated by Sora again and again. Yes, Stephanie Dola is such a complex character. If you’re a fan of hers, don’t hesitate to get Stephanie Dola body pillow covers. You could also choose custom-made Stephanie Dola dakimakura pillowcase with the prints you like on Coosfly.com.

6. Chlammy Zell Japanese Waifu Pillow

Chlammy Zell is a human who allied herself with the elves in order to try and win the king’s contest. She believes that humans will never be strong and must depend on others in order to survive. Although Chlammy was born as a servant of the big family and she was Fiel Nivalen’s servant, they became friends finally. So you look that Chlammy is passionate and charming. If you purchase a Chlammy Zell anime hugging pillowcase, you will have Chlammy to accompany you every day and night. Head over to Coosfly online store, you will also get some great discounts at present.

7. Hatsuse Izuna Anime Hugging Pillowcase

Hatsuse Izuna, a Werebeast girl, is also the ambassador of the Werebeast race. After Sora and Shiro forced the werebeasts to join the Elchea Federation, Izuna was directed by Miko. The funny thing is that she seems to enjoy the petting of her tail from Sora and Shiro, which makes her grandfather frustrated. In addition, Hatsuse Izuna lacks common sense is arrogant towards others but very good at gaming. The appearance of Izuna is purple short hair, big eyes and a cute tail. Hatsuse Izuna anime body pillow covers deserve your purchase.

8. Tet Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow Cover

Tet, always wearing a beret with a brim and a yellow clover on top of it, is the one True God and resides in a king chess piece. The closest affiliation to him is Imanity and he does not belong to any of the 16 races. If someone wants to challenge Tet for the One True God, he or she must collect all pieces of different chess from 16 races. Cool, right? Just like Tet’s appearance. Actually, his red hoodie with a chartreuse shirt and typical blue shorts is really dynamic. So Tet attracts lots of fans in NO GAME NO LIFE. How about you? Have the Tet Japanese hugging pillow to make you more comfortable.

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If you still have any questions about No Game NO Life dakimakura? Here’re some guides for you.