Alright, this is the blog that is specially offered to anime dakimakura pillow collectors who enjoy anime and wanna to have an anime dakimakura pillowcase! Animation series is growing rapidly with the Internet’s popularity!  Every year, anime characters are ranked based on the popularity of their loyal fandom of otaku and anime. With the growing increasing anime fans, anime dakimakura pillow starts to run into the world of Otakus and becoming the part of the anime culture or Otaku Culture, which is very hot in Japan and Korea, you could easily found lots of anime fans gathering on the forum discussing dakimakura or waifu pillow!

As we all know, the first anime character dakimakura comes from Bishojo and Bishonen, the original anime characters. At the time, they were the most commonly featured anime characters in animation series, movies, video games or light anime novels. The popularity of anime waifu pillow with your beloved hentai, waifu or anime character splattered all over the case exploded not just in Japan, but around all the world. Dakimakura is now a household name around the world.


There are three main kinds of anime waifu pillow–100cm, 150 cm and 160cm! These sizes dakimakuras are thought as the most popular sizes by anime fans as time went! Air-mailing the 160cm love pillow became quite expensive for the manufacturing company and therefore the buyer as well. Dakimakura was then reduced to 150cm by 50cm and 100cm diameter. The 10cm reduction made the hug pillow fall under 2kg for easier and cheaper air-mailing. But now, the price of 150cm dakimakura and 160cm dakimakura differs less.

Here, we would love to make the list of all kinds anime waifu pillow based on the characters in their respective categories!

1.Female anime girl with Explicit dakimakura pillows

Female anime girls with explicit dakimakura pillows are the most popular category when we do a survey around the anime fans, and this kind of anime dakimakura pillows are the hottest seller on Amazon or eBay, we could draw a conclusion easily from the fact– Male Otakus are the main audience for dakimakura pillows! The anime dakimakura pillows are always printed with the nude anime girls, hot or sexy game girls, some of them are completely naked, and you could see the completely naked girl character, which is full of sexual implication!

Hentai Emilia Re Zero Anime Dakimakura Waifu Body Pillow Cover

Naked Emilia Re: Zero Anime Dakimakura Waifu Body Pillow Cover

If you are looking for these kinds of anime dakimakuras, you could find lots of dakimakuras from the followintg anime character: Sexy Overwatch, Hestia Danmachi Anime, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoka Anime, Akamega kill Akame Anime, Taiga Toradora Anime, Sora no Method Anime, Shimoseka Anime, Anime Dakimakura Pillows, MashiroShiina Anime, Yuri Yuri Anime, KonekoToujou Anime, Charlotte Anime, AizWallestein Anime, Ako Tamaki Anime, Toradora Anime, Rory Mercury Anime, Muffet Anime, Overwatch Nude Anime, Teaching Feeling Guide Anime, Faye Valentine Anime, Tatsumaki One Punch Anime, Overwatch Mei Anime, Tharja Anime, HighschooldxdKoneko Anime, Taimanin Anime, HighschooldxdAkeno Anime, Mei Overwatch Anime, Fiora Anime, Dorei to no Seikatsu Anime, Overwatch Anime, One Punch Man Blizzard Anime, Haganai Anime, TaimaninAsagi Battle Arena Anime, Sox Anime, Ellen Baker Anime, No Game No Life Anime, Darkness Konosuba Anime, Bikini Warriors Anime, Stormfeder Anime, Jibril No Game No Life Anime, Nekopara Anime, Astolfo Fate Anime, Beatrice Re: Zero Anime, Kotori Love Live Anime Dakimura Body Pillow, Ram Re: Zero Anime…


If you think that is so troublesome to search them with Google, you could just click here to find them on Coosfly! We have already made the menu for you! If you are interested in these sexy waifu pillows, you could found them on Coosfly!

2.Male Anime Characters Pillows

Anime is not only for males but also for girls! As well as anime, dakimakura pillows are not only designed for male Otakus, female anime fans are also a large part of the dakimakura lovers. Though most of the sexy dakimakuras pillows are female characters, we should not ignore that there are so many female anime fans who also enjoy male anime characters!

Therefore, Coosfly has got one special zone for all female anime fans– Lady Zone! There are lots of wonderfully designed dakimakura pillows ready for you, you don’t have to search for them anymore! Just come to Coosfly to take one for you!

3.Hentai Body Pillows( Or SM dakimakura pillows)

Hentai dakimakura pillows are a special category, which should not be shown to kids who are under 18 years old because most of them are quite hentai! Therefore, you are not allowed to buy a hentai dakimakura pillow if you are under 18 years old! They are quite nude or explicit, which would be harmful to their mental health!

SM Anime Dakimakura Japanese Hugging Body Pillow Cover 1875

The pictures on the dakimakura are very graphic as the women are positioned in even more provocative poses than the ones we discussed earlier. Hentai doesn’t only feature the female character, there are male, demons, dragons, monsters, wolves, foxes and all sorts of natural and supernatural beings. Hentai Dakimakura is primarily sex. All the waifu pillows ordered under the Hentai character trait will involve extremely graphic details which should be reserved for adults. Even for some adults, the images may turn out to be a bit much. So before you order your dakimakura, ensure you specify which category of explicit you are comfortable with.

You could find lots of wonderful hentai body pillows on Coosfly, you just need to search for “SM dakimakura ” or “Hentai” on Coosfly, then you will find them! If you have not found your ideal characters dakimakura on the list, you could custom one as well. Click here to custom one!

4. 18- Anime Girls Dakimakuras

There are lots of wonderful dakimakura pillows which are only designed for guys who are under 18 years old, and you don’t need to worry about whether it is suitable for you to view it in front of your friends! Most of Coosfly dakimakuras are of this category!

Tojo Nozomi - Love Live  Waifu Body Pillow Cover

There is a list of you if you are looking for the 18- anime girls dakimakuras, Fate Grand Order dakimakuras, Angel Beats waifu pillow, Rem dakimakura, Re: Zero waifu Pillows, Tracer dakimakura, Love Live Waifu Body Pillow Cover… You could find them easily on Coosfly!

Dakimakura Pillow is a great hobby. Love what you love, and enjoy it, there is no one who could stop you pursuing your ideal life!