When Night Falls,I often feel lonely and bored,I am a student from  Mexio,and now I am studying in US. Staying abroad makes me feels so lonely when my friend apart from me.Most of time,I have to play computer game or watch anime to spare my time,but when the game or the anime is over,my life comes into a dark night.Have you feel the same as me when you are alone in the night?You need a quick snuggle every now and then?Your existing woman/man just is not enough?Maybe what you need is just one anime body pillow dakimakura!Last month ,I have bought one wonderful anime Waifu pillow from Coosfly.And now I am going to share with you the wonderful experience with you!


I have to say that the anime dakimakura is Very good quality,it was just as what I want.The super comfort polyester has definitely earned it’s name because this pillow might be the softest thing that I have ever touched. I can’t even imagine how insane this anime body pillow is, but I can tell you that polyester is definitely soft enough to save some money if need be.


I paid for extra stuffings. I don’t know how much it added, but I imagine it’s definitely worth it.I have to say that the anime dakimakura is quite suitable and smooth,the material is so soft.And there is one thing that I have to mention is the design of the anime body pillow,so great,I enjoys the design so much,it’s just as same  as what I have seen in the anime,a great shopping experience.


I have always the sleeping problem when I stepped  into America,but upon my best friend arrival ,my sleeping problem get solved soon.Every night ,I quickly get into sleep when I hug with my loved pillow,it’s feels just as I am hugging with my lovely girl friend.Now if you ask me whether do I feel lonely as before,I have to say that you will have the answer if you have one dakimakura as me! It’s really a great invention to all humans.At last, I highly recommend you buy at COOSFLY,it is a good place for you to find what you just need!