Toradora is a famous light novel series from Japan. It has been written by Yuyuko Takemiya and illustrated by Yasu. This amazing series has 10 novels and all of them were released between 10 March 2006 and 10th March 2009. The series has been published by ASCII Media Works and the publications are under the Dengeki Bunko imprint. From the Toradora Spin-off, several adaptations have been developed. Among these adaptations is a manga, spin-off light novel series and an internet radio show among others. A lot of products have been released in honor of the novel’s fame and among them are Toradora Dakimakura and covers. We will shed light on that shortly, but first, let’s have a brief summary of the anime series’ plot, for the sake of those who are not familiar with this publication.

First of all, this anime series gets its title from the two names of its protagonists. The two main characters are Taiga Aisaka as well as Ryuji Takasu. The derivation of the title, therefore, comes from Taiga and Tora. Taiga is a Japanese term for tiger while Ryu, on the other hand, means dragon. The transcription of dragon in Japanese is doragon. Now that you know about the basics of this series, let’s get into the plot.

The story starts with the frustration of Ryuji Takasu as he tries to maintain his best image during his second year in high school. In spite of having a gentle personality, his eyes betray him as they portray an image of an intimidating delinquent. All the same, he feels happy to have Yusaku Kitamura, his best friend as a classmate. Nonetheless, he is even more excited about having Minori, his girl crush as a classmate as well. Surprisingly, he meets Taiga Aisaka, the school’s dangerous animal. Taiga is the highest risk level animal, unfortunately, Minori’s best friend. Taiga is a student with the worst negative attitude towards his fellow classmates. In most cases, you will find him snapping violently towards others. Immediately they met, Taiga hated Ryuji and unfortunately, her house faces Ryuji’s apartment. However, Taiga had a crash on Ryuji’s best friend, Yusaku and so they made an arrangement to set each other with the crashes.

Unfortunately, none of the romantic setups worked and this led to Taiga and Ryuji spending a lot of time together. Due to their companionship, the school started rumors that both of them were a couple. These two tried to dispel the rumors as much as possible but they later realized that they enjoyed each other’s company. Taiga would visit Ryuji to share a meal and Ryuji would check on Taiga and escort her to school. With time, they met Ami, Yusaku’s childhood friend. Ami was a famous teen model who started attending classes in their school after transferring from her previous school. She is a self-proclaimed ditz and appears friendly. However, beneath this personality, she is a spoiled and mean brat. After their short meeting, Taiga and Ami did not get along but Taiga tried all she can to tolerate Ami. This is mainly because Yusaku needed all of them to get along. Later, Ami developed feelings towards Ryuji and the series continues to shed light on the love life of these friends. It is amazing how love can blossom even where unexpected.

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Taiga Aisaka is the chief protagonist in this anime series. In the Toradora series, she has been nicknamed Palmtop Tiger due to her short stature and her rude behavior of snapping at others. This character is meant to be tsundere deconstruction, being emotionally unstable, showing rapid mood swings as well as making poor decisions. She makes decisions from solely her mood situation. However, she has a will to make steady progress into being kind and sweet. This defies her bipolar stereotype of being a tsundere. In spite of having cute and beautiful looks, Taiga is cynical, proud and sarcastic. She easily gets disappointed and angry. However, her broken family has greatly contributed to her personality.

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Minori is among the female protagonists in Toradora series. She is Ryuji’s classmate and Taiga’s best friend. Minorin is her pet name because she shows friendly affection to others. Physically, Minori is fit because she is an athlete. Additionally, she is also the girl’s softball club captain in her school. Later in the series, Minori ends up being the merged boys and girls softball team captain. She has a great energy that never ends. In most cases, you can spot this energy in her personality. Moreover, she is a very interesting character because she is always cheerful. If anything wrong happens to her, she skillfully turns this mistake into something to laugh at or happy about. Minori, apart from being beautiful and sexy, she is hard working as well. This is because she has numerous part-time jobs to keep her going.

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Yasuko Takasu is the anime character that this product features as the image. It is colorful and beautiful either on your bed or on the sofa. Yasuko is Ryuji’s mother and she is 33 years old. However, she is known to refer to herself as eternally 23. Her breasts are large and feature the F-cup size. Hence you will have this pillow on your bed all night long. She is single and you will always catch her half asleep. Therefore, this anime character is never entirely in reality. She is an amazing bar hostess and loves sleeping because she works until late in the day. Sometimes, you might confuse her as being childish. She also comes across as air-headed, but people love her very much. Moreover, she loves Ryuji and motivates him because she believes he has great potential. To support the dreams of her son, Yasuko took 2 jobs in order to completely provide him with whatever he needs through school. Yusuko hates when her son has to work because she wants him to solely concentrate on studying.

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Ami is Toradora series’ heroine, who has deep comprehension in issues surrounding relationships between Taiga, Minori, and Ryuuji. She is the character who dies to see people adore her for her personality. She wants to maintain an image of that simple and sweet, beautiful girl. Additionally, she wants others to see her as generous and kind towards others. However, this is not what she is because she is arrogant and abusive. Nonetheless, this anime character is very wise and intelligent that everyone admires her.

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