I Want to Buy a Yuno Gasai Body Pillow,Because…That is my little wish when I was only 15 years old,but I am not allowed to.Maybe you will have the same idea as me to have a Yuno Gasai Body Pillow,as an anime fans in my period,Yuno Gasai is the goddess of all little boys.She is the heroine of the action thriller anime The Future Diary.And she always loves to say”I’m crazy!? What’s crazy is this world, that refuses to let me be with you.”.OK,I have noticed that lots of anime fans are born after 2005,so maybe you are not familiar with the anime,so at first,we would love to introduce the anime The Future Diary.

The Future DiaryThe Future Diary,which is also called Mirai Nikki,is a Psychological, mystery action anime directed by Hosoda, Naoto,and the anime first released in Oct 9,2011.The anime is the Top 5 most popular anime in that year,it has captured thousands of anime fans.According to survey of MyAnimeList,The Future Diary rates 8.02 out of 10 based on over 462688 anime fans vote,that is a quite high score,and it represents “Pretty Good”.

Hosoda, Naoto

Aside the backgrounds along,we are going to talk about the plot of the anime,  The Future Diary is mainly on a lonely high school student named Hosoda Naoto ,and he loves write his diary in his cellphone ,and he always conveys his diary to 2 seemingly imaginary friends Deus Ex Machina and Murmur,who turn out to be the god from the Heavens.


Revealing himself to be an actual entity, Deus grants Yukiteru a “Random Diary,” which shows highly descriptive entries based on the future and forces him into a bloody battle royale with 11 other holders of similarly powerful future diaries.

The Future Diary

With the last person standing designated as the new god of time and space, Yukiteru must find and kill the other 11 in order to survive. He reluctantly teams up with his obsessive stalker Yuno Gasai (who also possesses such a diary), and she takes it upon herself to ensure his safety. But there’s more to the girl than meets the eye, as she might have other plans for her unrequited love…And the story begins.

The Future Diary

In the anime. Yuno Gasai falls in love with Yukiteru (Yandere) as one can safely guess from just the simple name of her future diary.And she is willing to provide all what she has to assist Yukiteru,she trys to do everything to save her lover Yukiteru,and she is so brave that she could sacrifice herself for love.and it is the point that attracts lots of anime fans,which makes us want to have a Yuno Gasai Body Pillow.Besides,she is Smart, beautiful and diligent,and Yuno usually carry around a box cutter with her at all times, though she will make use of other weaponry such as kitchen knives, hatchets, etc, when Yukiteru is in danger.

The Future Diary

OK,I have introduced the plot and the character of The Future Diary,and I think that you will understand why I want to buy a Yuno Gasai Body Pillow,maybe you will want to buy a dakimakura too at now.At last,you could comments on our blog to get a dakimakura coupons for your next buy,wish you have a good time at COOSFLY.