What is 3D Sexy Oppai?

3D sexy Oppai is Japanese dakimakura silicone elastic breast which used for anime dakimakura pillow, to make your anime dakimakura look more vivid and fleshy. So as to upgrade your dakimakura experience!3D Sexy Oppai is made of high quality imported silicone which makes it durable and easy to clean. Silicone rubbers can withstand high and low temperature far better than any other organic rubber. This dakimakura silicone breast is very flexible, durable and can withstand the high amount of pressure. You can not imagine how soft and real it is until you have one, it will give you a super real feeling just as your girlfriend. You can sleep with her every night very closely since it is safe and does not harm your skin.

Generally speaking,3D Sexy Oppai has 4 sizes, A-cup, B-cup, C-cup, D-cup, E-cup.and you can choose whatever you like according to your preference. And it has 2 shapes for the outlook appearance, bell shape and round, both of them are charming and beautiful, and bell shape is the most natural and popular one I think.

How to put on 3D Sexy Oppai for Your Anime Dakimakura Pillow?

Step 1: Buy a sexy anime pillow cover, an inner pillow and a pair of 3D Sexy Oppai in our store, and we will ship it to you in a blank box to protect your privacy.so if you want to buy 3D Sexy Oppai, just go ahead, there is nothing to worry about.

Step 2: Open your parcel, Put the Velcro pillow cover on the inner pillow which comes with the 3D Sexy Oppai.

Step3: Put the anime pillow cover on the Velcro pillow cover.

Step 4: Put the breasts on the Velcro pillow cover where is the correspondent part, Because there is stick on the breasts, it can be fixed hard.

The thickness of the silicone texture makes it less prone to wear over time with use, it is even water resistant. And no matter how hot it gets in your bed, it won’t burn.when you have an anime dakimakura pillow with 3D sexy oppai company you, you do not need a girlfriend anymore. Just imagine that hug her in your arm to go to sleep and wake up her on your bed when you get up, it is such a fantastic thing! What are you waiting for, come coosfly.com and pick up your favorite anime dakimakura pillow!