Is it anything wrong to own a waifu Body pillow?would anything extremely lewd require you to do lots of explaining?There has a small vote about whether there is anything wrong with owning a dakimakura body pillow or not,let the vote gives you the answer.

It’s showed that almost eighty percent of the voter don’t think it’s anything wrong to own a waifu body pillow divided from gender.Most of people except Sinapore think it’s normal from above data.

If this is wrong I have no idea what is right.Lots of waifuists have a dakimakura body pillow of their waifu,It has vastly improved my quality of life.It feels so nice to sleep next to waifu body pillow,to be able to wake up next to them.Even in pillow form, makes you get up in the morning that much easie.So comfy to just hold your Waifu Dakimakura while you watch something, or sit next to her on the couch doing whatever. Whenever you hug your dakimakura you will immediately feel calmer and less anxious.But the hardest thing to do is actually finding one you are able to put your favorite characters onto a life sized pillow so you can hug them when you want.

   D.Va anime dakimakura


Let’s be honest… While a lot of us love our Dakimakuras, some out there (even in the anime community) give those of us that enjoy this rewarding hobby rather unwelcoming looks… Unfortunately, accompanies Waifu Pillows brought on by the “creepy stigma” they have developed over the years, if you do not live alone,you might have kids around the house, or would prefer not fully creep out your boyfriend or girlfriend the time you bring them to your bedroom. Or if you are tried of doing lots of explaining,then it’s best way to hide your waifu from the view of prying eyes!


It’s pretty hard to hide something like dakimakura body pillow.Here are a few methods that will keep you safe and your Waifus dignity in tack:

Hiding both inner pillow and pillow cover

This route should only be used for a quick reaction, because while it will shield your Waifu dakimakura from eyes,that may just glance at your bed it won’t save herfrom anyone that might take a closerlook for any reason.

1.Hide her in your closet

While I shudder at the very thought,this method is vert quick,very handy,and very effective.Most of the time the only people rummaging through your closet are either you or someone you are already very intimate with and probably already knows all about your love of Waifu body pillows.This way won’t,however,protect you from the eyes of saying a parent you may be trying to hide your waifu from!

2.Hide her under your bed

This way,you have to keep your floor clean for unexpected needs to keep your waifu pillow in good condition.

3.Buy her a dakimakura pillow protector

Dakimakura pillow protector can protect your Waifu body pillow from dirt and dust even if you are not going to hide her on purpose,it also helps your Dakimakura maintains its high quality print and fabric during its storage period.

Hiding pillow cover only

1.Take the dakimakura pillow cover off

This one might seem paifully obvious,but it is very effective.Simply,whenever you are not spending quality alone time with your waifu you can neatly take her cover off and fold them up for storage.

2.Try hide under the sheets

Hide your waifu pillow cover under the sheet to make her more smooth without crease.


That’s some little tips for you, hope you will be understood and do not need to hide your beloved Waifu Dakimakura body pillow from the others.At last,welcome to our shop .