The human body is probably the most complex of all networks with more than 37 trillion cells working together to provide blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. Each and every single cell in the human body has a distinct role to play, failing which the entire network can fall apart, making the body extremely sick. For example, the blood red cells are responsible for supplying oxygen to the muscles, and the memory cell work by remembering the different reactions of the body against external stimuli. Apart from keeping the internal system clear of the antigens and making sure the nutrients are rightly delivered to various parts of the body, a lot of cellular activity goes into keeping the body in best form.

While this may sound daunting to the average individuals, it is a daily job for the cells and there is no scope for error. This awesome complexity forms the soul of a Japanese manga series called Cells at Work, written by Akane Shimizu. Cells at Work features the anthropomorphized cells within a human body and the two main protagonists of the story are a red blood cell and a neutrophil. This popular manga series was first published in March 2015 in the shonen manga magazine. The English version of the manga series was licensed by the Kodansha, USA. Another television adaption of the series took place on July 7, 2018.

What Is The Story Plot Of Cells at Work Manga Series?

The story focuses on AE3803, a red blood cell that loses her way in between the deliveries, and the U-1146, who is an inexorable white blood cell that has the power to fight against the various germs that attack the body. As the story progresses, we see how the cells work to keep the body functioning in the best condition. We also get an insight of the various fights our cells have to encounter to keep us safe even while we are sleeping. Although this was an entirely different concept, it was well received by the manga fans. The different adaption of the story popularized it around the world. Driven by the popularity of the manga series, various merchandise and Cells at Work body pillow and pillowcases became popular.

The Cells at Work waifu pillows are body hugging anime pillows that were released to help people fight insomnia and back problems. Over the course of years, the dakimakura pillows have become extremely popular with the manga fans and people love to use them as their waifu. The dakimakura makers also take full advantage of the customer demand to deliver body-hugging pillows featuring different anime characters. Some of them are depicted in suggestive poses to make them your sexual partner. Below, we have listed some of the popular Cells at Work character themed dakimakura pillows.

1.Kesshouban Japanese Hugging Pillowcase Anime Dakimakura

Kesshouban is also known as Platelet, the popular star of Cells at Work. Platelet is a type of cell responsible for reconstructing the body when it gets injured. They are depicted as small children due to their small cell size and act as construction and repair crew within the body. As the leader of platelets, Kesshouban is most prominently featured in the show. When talking about the appearance of Kesshouban, she wears a blue dress and white hat which shows she is so lovely and cute. Love Kesshouban so much? Don’t hesitate to get the Kesshouban Japanese Hugging Pillowcase Anime Dakimakura on

2. Hakkekkyuu U-1146 Anime Body Pillow Cover

U-1146, the main character of Cells at Work, is a white blood cell, specifically a Neutrophil. Like other white blood cells, his personality drastically changes during combat, becoming much more aggressive and brutal as he violently eliminates any invading germs in his path. Despite coming off as cold and ruthless, he is in fact very kind and selfless, willing to put his life on the line to protect his fellow cells. Hakkekkyuu U-1146 won popularity among lots of fans is not only because of his good looks, but also his cool characteristics. If you’re one of Hakkekkyuu U-1146 fans, the U-1146 themed dakimakura pillowcase may be a good choice for you. Apply some coupons before your checkout to save your wallet.

3. Jujousaibou – the Dendritic Cell Dakimakura Pillowcases

We come across a rather strange creature that represents the Dendritic Cells within the body, and true to its name, they are known to feature protrusions. Also known as the antigen-presenting cells or the accessory cells, they are found in the immune system. Their main job responsibility is to process the antigen material and present it to the immune system. They basically act like the messengers between the adaptive and innate immune systems. If you are looking for Cells at Work Dakimakura that feature Jujousaibou then visit

4. Sekkekkyuu AE3803 Dakimakura Waifu Pillow Body Pillowcase

Sekkekkyuu AE3803, red blood cell, is one of the main protagonists in Cells at Work. AE3803 is a determined yet scatter-brained red blood cell who’s complete lack of direction often gets in the way of her deliveries. Despite this, she is devoted to her job and thus works hard to become as reliable as her peers, though this does not stop her from getting lost. As for the characteristics of Sekkekkyuu, she is very lively and cheery, always willing to offer help to those who need it. That’s maybe why Sekkekkyuu AE3803 is also loved by numerous Cells at Work fans. So get the Sekkekkyuu AE3803 body pillow covers on and have AE3803 to accompany you every day and night.

5. Kousankyuu the White Blood Cell Japanese Dakimakura Pillows

The Kousankyuu is a type of white blood cell, which comprises a smart part of the white blood cells. This cell is known to have the ability to multiply during any parasitic infection or allergic reaction. Although considered as extremely weak, the Eosinophils are known to be capable of phagocytosis, similar to the other types of White Blood Cells. In the manga series, Kousankyuu is depicted as a female cell that wears a pink uniform. She has yellow eyes, yellow hair and fair skin that makes her character stand out. If you would like to get the Kousankyuu waifu to cuddle while you sleep and wake up with the visit

6. B Saibou Anime Body Pillow Dakimakura Pillowcase

B Saibou, the B cell, is a white blood cell who carries a weapon that fires antibodies. He is often annoyed about not receiving as much credit as the Killer T-cells do. He also has an antagonistic relationship with Mast Cell, as their combined functions only cause disaster for the other cells. B Saibou appears with blue uniforms and looks handsome as well, that’s maybe why girls like him so much. Head over to and shop the B Saibou Anime dakimakura body pillow covers. You will also enjoy intimate service and fast shipping worldwide.

7. Macrophage- the white blood cell Japanese Hugging Pillow Cover

She is one of our favorite characters for Cells at Work body pillow covers. She plays the role of a macrophage outside the main bloodstream. She is also responsible for destroying the foreign substances like bacteria and sends out information to them. Macrophage also works like the bloodstream cleaner and she often switches to the monocyte form. She is capable of transmigrating and also killing the diverse threats in a fierce manner. What we admire about the character is that she plays multiple roles within the body from being a nursery teacher to a professional killer. If you would like to get a Macrophage Cells at Work dakimakura, visit

How To Take Care Of Your Cells at Work Pillows?

Your waifu pillow can be anything you want it to be, from a sex slave to a best friend. You must know how to take good care of the body pillows and the pillowcases. There’s what you could do.

  • Make your body clean;

The most important thing to care for your body pillows is to ensure your body’s cleanliness. Make sure you take a good shower before cuddling with the dakimakura because dirt and body odor can damage the pillowcase.

  • Do not wash your dakimakura frequently;

It is not a good idea to wash the pillow covers too often as this can damage the print quality on the pillow covers. In addition, you’d better wash your Anime body pillows by hand, not the washing machine, or at least follow the directions.

  • Keep your dakimakura away from animals;

If you have pets at home, make sure you keep your waifu away from them as sharp claws and teeth can spoil the prints. Hence, we suggest that you take good care of your dakimakura pillowcases. Follows these little tips and go through a long time with your beloved Cells at Work waifu pillows.

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