Are you still immersed in the animation world and can not free yourself from it? If you are the crazy anime fans who could not live without anime, then this article is the right choice for you! As an anime fans, we all have the dream to live in the world of anime. Here is the tutorial about how to make your dream come true. Of course,  if you are looking for an ideal gift for your friends who enjoy anime, you could also take this blog as an article to teach you how to choose the right gifts for Otakus. Here I would love to share with you the Top 7 wonderful anime products to make otakus dream come true.



1. An anime theme T-shirt to let the world get to know you

Anime theme T-shirt is the necessity to show your love to the character, no matter which character you enjoy,  Yuri or Victor, … It doesn’t matter what others will think about you, and what others will talk to you, what you need is just dress your anime theme T-shirt! I have one friend who loves playing the game Sword Art Online(SAO ) so much, and he has bought one super cool SAO anime T-Shirt, and he gets some friends who also love paly the game, and they often play Sword Art Online together.


So where to buy anime theme t-shirt? HOT TOPIC is a not bad choice for you!This shop products are more, the price is more favorable.

2.The anime costumes make you look more real

If you have never tried cosplay before, you can try it. Cosplay is all about fun, when you put your anime costumes on and dress up like your favorite characters, and makeup as the characters. You will have the feeling of living in the real anime world as the anime characters. What’s more, you could dress up to attend the comic cons, and you will make lots of friends who also enjoy anime as you!


Xcoos is a great anime costume online store for you,  all anime costumes of Xcoos is specially customized by the professional tailor, you will have a wonderful shopping experience here.

3. Anime body pillow lets you have the opportunity to live with your favorite anime character.

If you ask me about what is the best gift for anime otakus?My answer is an anime body pillow absolutely. So why anime dakimakura pillow is the best gift for anime fans?According to my own experience, there are mainly 3 big advantages that

  • An anime body pillow could accompany with you when you are alone. When we feel lonely at night, your waifu pillow is the best companion for you!
  • An anime dakimakura helps you to know how to get along with others. Have an anime dakimakura means have a close friend, it will help us to know how to get along with others, which is quite helpful for some people who have a Social phobia.
  • A waifu pillow is good to our health. As we all know, body pillow could help us sleep better, reduce snoring and lower back pain, it is really good to our health.


So where to buy good quality dakimakura? Coosfly is no doubt the NO.1 choice for all dakimakura lovers, Coosfly is the worldwide leading online retailer for anime Dakimakura body pillow, spec high-quality pillow cover case, inner pillow. Customers can find the vast online selection and choose their favorite dakimakura with great satisfaction. Our team of anime designers offers all types of custom hot anime body pillow for various characters. There are more than 10000 designs available, and all of the anime body pillows are the work of the professional Japanese Artist, you should not miss it!

Why coosfly is the best dakimakura store?

1.All anime dakimakura on coosfly are well designed, and the biggest advantage is the details processing. As we can see from the picture, all the details are well handled, and even the line of fabric.


2.Coosfly focus on the health of all customers.As the professional anime dakimakura maker, coosfly focus on the health of all customers, and all fabric are imported from Japan, and all anime body pillows passed the test of the Government!


3.Profession makes better. With decades of experience on dakimakura, Coosfly is now the most professional anime body pillow store in US.

4.One anime bed makes you sleep closer to your favorite anime characters

Not only could the anime bedding provide warmth for you, it will also give the opportunity to you to sleep closer to your favorite character. But the bad thing is that you could not hug with your anime goddess or anime boys as hugging with anime body pillow, it could not provide a physical feeling of your loved anime character. Which is the biggest disadvantage of anime bed set, but it could help you to create the atmosphere of the fantasy anime world.


Anime Print House is a good place to buy anime bedding. no matter which kinds of anime bedding, sexy anime bed sheet or lovely one, you could always find the suitable one here.

5.Action Figure is a not bad decoration for your house

An action figure is a poseable character figurine, made of plastic or other materials, and often based upon characters from a film, comic book, video game, or television series. And the action figures are usually marketed toward boys and adult collectors. Of course, the action figure is a good decoration for your house if you don’t know how to decorate your house. What’s more, it could be a good toy for your little children.


You could find lots of action figure on the internet, and  I suggest that you should buy it on Amazon or eBay for that you would find more action figures on the platform.

6.You should not miss the comic books

At last, don’t forget to buy one comic book home, one comic book can instantly elevate your level. When someone especially your crush girl visits your home and find there are many books in your house,  she will have a good impression on you immediately, which is good for you!

Comic Books 2

As for where to buy comic books, you could find lots of wonderful comic books on Amazon or eBay, or you could find it in the nearby book store.

7.Maybe the large anime poster is the last thing that you need

Have you ever tried to post an anime poster in your home?If you feel there is nothing special,  the only thing that you need to do is to change an larger one! Recently, there is one anime theme hotel in Japan, and I have to say that it’s really really an amazing world, I love all things in the hotel room, especially the huge Yuri On Ice anime poster, you will get into the fantasy anime world immediately when you step into the room, and so many anime fans went to experience the hotel room, the rate is pretty high. Therefore, if you want to make your house more like an anime world, don’t forget to post a large anime poster in your house.


Anime Poster is easy to find, you could find some wonderful poster in the native Japanese anime store or eBay/Amazon, there are lots of cool posters for you to choose.

In Summary

Alright, with all these gift ideas you should now be ready. So go out and make an anime fan’s holiday season something special!