Recent years, anime body pillow is becoming more and more popular among Japan, USA, and other parts of the world. Anime body pillow, which is also called “Dakimakura”, or “Hug pillow”, is a large body shape pillow with anime pictures printed on. As some of you may not have a clear cognition about anime body pillow. Therefore, today, I would love to talk about anime body pillow–More than just one “Hug pillow”.

What are the sizes of anime body pillow?


As for some anime fans who have never bought anime dakimakura, you may have the concerns. What are the sizes of anime body pillow? There are different sizes of anime body pillow available varies from 40cm to 160cm online. And most of the time, you could only get two different sizes–150 x 50cm dakimakura and 160 x 50cm dakimakura in the majority of online dakimakura store, and you know the purpose is to cut the cost.

Especially when it comes to the year of 2000, anime body pillows becomes hot in the US and most western countries, and for the expense of shipping, the sizes of anime body pillow become fixed–150 cm long and 160 cm long.

If you want to one longer anime hug pillow, you must get them by custom dakimakura service.

Who uses anime dakimakura as Japanese sex pillow?


As we all know, dakimakura is not only a hug pillow that was just used for hugging at night. Anime Dakimakura is used as a Japanese love pillow more and more often. In Japan, the body pillow is becoming an alternative sex partner to Otakus.

Why is anime dakimakura becoming a sex partner? Because there are so many beautiful or handsome anime characters printed on body pillows, and they are the dream girl or dream boy of these Otakus. Hence, anime body pillow is also becoming part of sex toys in Japan.

The users of anime body pillow are mostly Male Otakus, and most of them are between 16-40 years old. And the most anime dakimakura lovers are between 26-29 years old.

What are the types of anime dakimakura pillows?

Here comes the question–I wanna to buy an anime dakimakura pillows, what are the types of hugging pillows?As for the problem, the standard answer is it depends on what classifies standards. And the most consistent method is to classify anime dakimakura via the pictures that are printed on the body pillow.

1.18- anime body pillow

The 18- anime body pillow means that the pillow is suitable to display to teenagers who are under 18. That is to say that there should be no pornographic or non-lewd pictures printed on the body pillow. You could find most of the dakimakura pillows on Coosfly are 18- anime body pillows. There are so many lovely waifu pillow, Kawaii anime body pillow available.


2.Japanese sex pillow

Japanese sex pillow, which is also named “Uncensored Body Pillow” or “18+ body pillow”, is more and more regarded as a sex toy in recent years. You could find the sexy anime girls, naked guy, hentai pictures or ecchi characters printed on a body pillow, and therefore, 18+ anime dakimakuras are classified as “sexy anime body pillow”, “naked anime girl pillow”, “hentai body pillows”…

To satisfy anime body pillow lovers’ demands, 18+ anime body pillows are also available on Coosfly. And all the anime dakimakuras are only suitable for people who are over 18.

How to use anime waifu pillows?


An anime waifu pillow could be your good rest helper.It helps to provide a soft and comfortable body to hug with, and you could wrap your arms and legs around it, it will help you to sleep well.

Loneliness is a mysterious thing. Even among the crowd, you can feel empty inside. When you feel lonely and empty, an anime waifu pillow could be the soft body likes the completely naked anime girls accompanying with you. You could take her as your waifu or your sex partner when you feel lonely, but be sure not to get your dakimakura dirty, it may affect the print.

Where to buy anime body pillows via Paypal in the US


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