Are you annoying by the yellowed anime body pillow cover? Ever wonder about why your anime pillow become so yellow with time? Here let us focus on the yellowed body pillow cover, and we are going to talk about why anime body pillow cases get yellow and how to whiten it.

Why anime body pillow covers become yellow?

You may wonder about why your anime dakimakura pillow becomes so yellow with time, here let me uncover the mystery for you!

The oil from our body is the main reason

It is just a reality of life: the oil from our body will step into anime dakimakura over time. Believe it or not, the oil from our body is the main cause.

Imagine a scene, when you sleep in your bed at night, your sweat soak into your beloved dakimakura pillow. And when it dries, the sweat starts to leave your hug pillow, but the oil in your sweat could not go with the sweat, then it stays, and your body pillow cover gets yellowed in this way.

Of course, different fabric anime body pillow has different perspiration fastness, on the whole, The smoother the surface of the fabric, the more perspiration fastness. Which means the 2 Way Tricot dakimakura will get yellowed slowest, and the peach skin fastest.

But even the best fabric 2 Way tricot dakimakura still can not guarantee a white anime dakimakura pillow cover. Sometimes it does matter which kind of fabric we choose, and the sweat could still filter down into the hug pillow cover, which causes a big area of yellow.


Be careful with sun exposure 

Another main cause is the sun exposure, as we all know when we expose our waifu pillow case in sunshine for a long time, the sunlight will help to break down the hug pillow, and the color starts to change.

If you want to know the deep reason why anime body pillow cover changes when exposed to the sunshine for a long time. The scientific explanation is that sunlight results in chemical and physical changes in the composition of textiles.

Therefore, here is an advice for you–Don’t expose your anime body pillow under sunlight for a long time after washing.


How to whiten anime body pillow case?

Everything in your house needs to be maintained or, at the very least, the majority of things need to be cleaned. It is no different with your anime dakimakura. Hence, it is important to know how to wash and whiten your anime body pillow case. A few years ago I was mourning the state of our pillow covers and had accepted that I probably needed to go out and buy some new ones. But it occurs to me that I could adapt some new method to whiten my anime dakimakura cover before I chucked them in the trash.


Then I find this wonderful way to wash dakimakura body pillow cover, and I will introduce the method following,

Things you will need:

  • Hot or boiling water
  • 1 cup (200 g) of laundry detergent (best if biodegradable)
  • 1 cup (200 g) of biodegradable dishwashing soap
  • 1 cup (250 ml) of homemade Whitener (mix with water, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide)
  • 1/2 cup (125 g) of borax

5 steps to whiten your anime dakimakura pillow cover

After we have prepared our ingredients for washing, then we could start our body pillow washing. Here are the 5 steps to whiten your dakimakura pillow covers, and here we go!

1.Check the body pillow cover

When we start to wash our anime body pillow, be sure that your body pillow could be washed by the washing machine. And if it is proper to wash, then you should take off the whole pillow cover from the dakimakura pillow inner.

2. Set washing machine

Put your washing machine on hot or whites. You can add a couple pots of boiling water if you choose to do so. If you can, program it for two rinse cycles.

3.Add the ingredients to the washing machine


4.Start washing machine
Then, start the wash cycle. Let it stir the water for a few minutes so all detergents is dissolved.


5.Use the home made whitening to whiten your waifu pillow
Put your pillows in and let the washer continue the wash cycle. This way, your home made whitening agent can work on your waifu pillows.


In Summary

Now we have gotten the reason why dakimakura pillow gets yellow and how to whiten it. Maybe you could put it to use next time. If you are looking for more about anime body pillow, welcome to visit to find more wonderful anime dakimakura!