Dakimakura pillow is a pretty good investment, not only is it good for your health, but a waifu pillow could also be a good companion when you are lonely at dark nights.

As there are so many anime published every year, and each anime has many anime characters, therefore, there are more and more anime body pillows be in the season every year, which becomes a barrier for us to choose the best from the crowd. Hence, today, I have made a list of 24 most popular anime dakimakura pillows that you should not miss 2017!

1.Lovely Izumi Sagiri Eromanga Sensei Anime Waifu Pillow

Izumi Sagiri is a really lovely and adorable girl, especially when she is in red.

2.Sexy Tohru Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Hug Body Pillow Cover

Tohru is the most popular character in the anime Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid, you will fall in love with her if you have watched the anime.

3.Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Anime Kanna Kamui Sexy Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow

The newest style Kanna Kamui anime waifu pillow on Coosfly, I really love the picture on body pillow cover–the lovely Kanna Kamui is eating an ice cream, super cute.

4. Yosuga no Sora Anime Kasugano Sora Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow Cover


Have you ever seen such a lovely Kasugano Sora from the anime Yosuga no Sora? You will get to know how beautiful and sexy she is if you take her home.

5.Sexy Overwatch D.Va Rabbit Anime Body Pillow Japanese Body Pillow

Hot Game Overwatch DVA Dakimakura Anime Body Pillow Cover.  We present you the newest designs with Skin-friendly fabric.

6.Minami Kotori Love Live Anime Hugging Body Pillow

Adopted the finest pillow-friendly Kotori cover with HD printing, it’s the smooth and soft dakimakura that stuck to embrace comfort and vastly improved your quality of life. Now you just need $31 to take her home!

7.Hot Game Hatsune Miku Waifu Body Pillow Covers Anime

The welfare for those who enjoy Hatsune Miku, she is really beauftiful in that suit.

8.Hentai Hatsune Miku Anime Dakimakura Waifu Pillow Case For Sale

Hatsune Miku looks super cool when she is in that suit, and the Hatsune Miku waifu pillow is so sexy and hentai, never miss her!

9.Kawaii Izumi Sagiri Eromanga Sensei Anime Body Pillow

Kawaii Izumi Sagiri Eromanga Sensei  Life-size body pillow, Kawaii Izumi is my favorite waifu, and I have bought 3 Izumi Sagiri dakimakura pillow cases.

10.Sexy Matthew Kyrielite Fate Grand order Anime Waifu Pillow

What if one day morning when you wake up finding the super sexy Matthew Kyrielite is sleeping next to you, what a nice day!

11. Hentai Jeanne dArc Alter Santa Lily Fate Grand Order Anime Hugging Pillow case

I bet this is the most sexy and hentai Fate Grand Order that I have ever seen, if you enjoy hentai body pillow, then she is your best choice!

12.Emilia from Anime Re:Zero Dakimakura 

A super sexy Emilia  Re: Zero Anime dakimakura takes you into the world of fatasy!

13.COOL Yuuri Yuri on Ice Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover

Have you watched the anime Yuri!!! On Ice? Are you obsessed with him? Yuri is so cool , and I suppose that he will be your best frined to hug with you at dark night.

14.Sexy Harley Quinn Suicide Squad DC Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow from Coosfly

Harley Quinn is the most popular character to be cosplayed in every year’s comic cons or party, maybe next time, you could attend the comic cons hugging with one Harley Quinn dakimakura body pillow.

15.New Sexy Nier 2B Automata Game Hug Girl Body Pillow Cover

NieR 2B Automatic game dakimakura pillow is one of the most popular body pillows in 2017, she is so sexy, and you will never known how soft her body is if you don’t have one.

16.Emilia Re Zero Anime Dakimakura Waifu Body Pillow Cover

How beautiful will Emilia is if her is in the red Christamas Costumes? This design anime waifu pillow comes from the Japanese Artist Nami.

17.Hentai Lancer Fate Grand Order Japanese Hugging Dakimakura Body Pillow Cover

There are two side of the sexy Lancer Fate Grand Order dakimakura, you could have a different experience when you sleep with the differnet side.

18.Hot Game Blue Routine Drunk Laffey Anime Pillow

There are four different material anime waifu pillow covers for you to choose–Peach Skin, Super Soft Velvet, Smooth Knit, and 2 Way Tricot.

19.New Erwin Smith Attack on Titan Anime Boy Dakimakura

Super cool and strong Erwin Smith from the the hot anime Attck on Titan, if you enjoy strong man, then this body pillow is designed for you!

20.Sexy Male Japanese Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow Case

So many girl anime fans complain that there is so few male anime body pillow, here you are!

21.New Izumi Sagiri Eromanga Sensei Anime Dakimakura

She must be the most adorable Izumi Sagiri waifu pillow that I have ever seen,  you just need $42.99 to take her home.

22.Hot Game MmiHoYo Kiana Kaslana Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow

Comes from the top design, this MmiHoYo Kiana Kaslana Anime Dakimakura is always the best seller in 2017.

23.New Tamamono mae Fate Grand Order Anime Girl Pillow

Life size Tamamono mae dakimakura pillow, with the perfect design and the quality material, she will be your favorite waifu and girlfriend if you take her home.

24.Jack the Ripper Fate Grand Order Anime Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow Cover

Fate Grand Order Ripper Dakimakura comes from the artists’ original exquisite drawing, with HD printing. colorful and never fade.

In Summary


Having introduced the top 24 most wonderful dakimakura pillow cases, which anime body pillow is your favorite? By the way, all these wonderful anime body pillows could be bought on Coosfly.com–The largest and most professional body pillow maker in the US, you could find