Do you long for a cool anime guy body pillow? Are you searching for a special anime theme present? If your answer is “YES”, then this article will be helpful to you! Here is Coosfly focus on anime guy body pillow, I have made a list of top 10 cool anime guy body pillows in 2017, let’s have a look at which are on the list and where to buy one!

10 cool anime guy body pillows that you should not miss

1.Yuuri and Viktor Yuri on Ice Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover


This style Yuuri and Viktor anime waifu body pillow is super cool, it ranks No.1 in the list. The anime body pillow comes from the hot anime Yuri! on ice, if you are the crush of Yuuri or Victor, then it may be a good choice for you! With only $42.99, you could take him home!

2.New Levi Attack on Titan Anime Guy Body Pillow


If you have watched the anime Attack on Titan, then this wonderful Levi attack on titan anime guy body pillow would be suitable for you! He is super lovely and handsome, you would enjoy the days staying with him!

3.New Erwin Smith Attack on Titan Anime Dakimakura Pillow case


Erwin Smith Life size anime body pillow from the anime Attack on Titan, with the super high definition, it will look more real to hug with him day and night!

4.New Uchiha Sasuke Naruto Anime Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow Cover


Uchiha Sasuke Naruto anime dakimakura body pillow, with HD double-side printing, smooth feeling makes you and the pretty girl closer.If you haven’t owned one before, try this time and you will fall in love with our high-quality dakimakura.

5.Yuuri Yuri on Ice Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover


When Yuri put on his sports suit, he looks more handsome than ever. Want the Ice Prince Yuri to stay with you day and night? There is only one step to have your male god –Click and take him!

6.SM Guy Male Japanese Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow Case


If you enjoy the handsome anime guy and SM, then this super handsome SM Guy Male Japanese Anime Dakimakura Body Pillow Case is quite suitable for you! So no more hesitation, and take him home now!

7.Tomoe Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime Dakimakura Pillow cover


The welfare for girl anime fans who enjoy Sword Art Online SAO body pillow, Tomoe is the most popular male anime character in SAO, and he has a super ability to helps his partner.

8.Genji Overwatch Hugging Body Pillow Cover 


Genji is the most handsome guy in the anime, Play Genji with Genji Dakimakura around you with smooth and soft feeling, Whenever you play overwatch with Genji you will immediately feel calmer and win the game!

9. New Raven Cronwell Elsword Anime Body Pillow


Anime quality Elsword Raven Cronwell Body Pillow, want to live in the anime world with Elsword Raven Cronwell? Why not buy one sexy anime body pillow of him home!

10.Overwatch Soldier 76 Dakimakura Anime Hugging Body Pillow Cover


Loneliness is a mysterious thing. Even among crowds, you can feel empty inside. But when you have one sexy anime pillow of Soldier 76 from Overwatch, you will not feel lonely and separated anymore!

Where to buy a cool anime guy body pillow?

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