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The Best alert 4000 of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

We review only the high-quality and best price alert 4000 of the whole Internet. Are you searching for the best alert 4000 to buy? If yes, you can get the answer in this post. From our page, you can find the list of top 10 alert 4000, read our article, choose what you like most and click the view button to buy the alert 4000 you choose finally.


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NO. 1


Dakota Alert DCR-4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm System Receiver for BBT-4000, DCHT-4000, DCMT-4000, DCPT-4000, and UT-4000 Transmitters – Up to 1 Mile Operating Range


    NO. 2


    Dakota Alert DCMT-4000 Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter – Wireless Driveway Alarm System for Home Security and Proximity Sensor


    • AUTOMATICALLY DETECTS MOVING OBJECTS – The Dakota Alert DCMT-4000 uses passive infrared (PIR) to detect a person or vehicle as far as 100-ft away from the transmitter box.
    • PROVIDES LONG-RANGE OPERATION – Even if the PIR transmitter is up to 1 mile away from its paired receiver, it can still effectively send an alarm signal.
    • WITHSTANDS UNEXPECTED WEATHER – You can mount the DCMT-4000 outdoors even during winter since the wireless transmitter works fine from -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • OFFERS VARIOUS APPLICATION – You can use the PIR sensor to detect intruders outside your home, vehicles entering the driveway, tool sheds, patios etc. Just mount the DCMT-4000 on a tree or wooden post and position it to monitor the area you choose.
    • ENABLES YOU TO EXPAND YOUR MOTION DETECTING SYSTEM – You can pair up to 16 DCMT-4000 Transmitters into a single Dakota Alert DCR-4000 Receiver.
    NO. 3


    Dakota Alert DCMA-4000 Wireless Motion Detector Driveway Alarm System – DCMT-4000 Passive Infrared Transmitter and DCR-4000 Receiver


    • MONITORS YOUR PROPERTY ALL DAY AND NIGHT – The Dakota Alert DCMA-4000 is a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector that detects moving people, large animals, and vehicles within the protected area.
    • DETECTS MOVING OBJECTS UP TO 100-FT AWAY – The PIR sensor can detect moving people or vehicles from 25 feet to 100 feet in front of the transmitter box.
    • TRANSMITS AND RECEIVES SIGNALS UP TO 1 MILE AWAY – If you have a large perimeter to monitor, the DCMA-4000 is a great solution. Both the transmitter and receiver pick up alarm signals up to 1 mile away.
    • WITHSTANDS UNEXPECTED WEATHER – You can mount the DCMT-4000 outdoors even during winter. This wireless transmitter works fine both day or night, rain or shine. Transmitters operate fromr -30 to 110 degree Fahrenheit.
    • OFFERS AN EXPANDABLE ALARM SYSTEM – You can add up to 16 different transmitters to the DCR-4000 Receiver if you wish to monitor a larger perimeter. DCMA-4000 is not compatible with 2500 or 3000 series products.
    NO. 4


    Dakota Alert BBT-4000 Break Beam Alert Wireless Transmitter – Solar Powered Infrared Driveway Alarm System, Up to 1 Mile Operating Range


    • Up to 300 foot operating range
    • Sends signals to a Dakota Alert 4000 receiver up to a mile away
    • Solar panels conserve and recycle power
    • Detection immunity to small animals and objects reduces false alarms
    NO. 5


    Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm System – DCR-4000 Receiver and DCPT-4000 Vehicle Detecting Probe Transmitter with 50-FT of Direct Burial Cable


    • AUTO-DETECTS MOVING VEHICLES – Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 System consists of a 50′ direct burial cable and DCPT-4000 transmitter that detects any moving metal vehicles that drive near the metal detecting probe.
    • RECEIVE ALERTS OF INCOMING CARS IMMEDIATELY – The DCPT-4000 will send a wireless signal to the receiver, which will emit a chime when the transmitter detects any vehicle.
    • NEVER SENDS FALSE ALERTS – The probe only detects vehicles passing nearby. Strong winds or large animals won’t trigger the transmitter’s alarm.
    • IDEAL FOR MONITORING DRIVEWAYS – The metal sensing probe detects passing cars within about 10~12 feet. Plus, the transmitter can send signals even if the DCR-4000 receiver is about 1 mile away.
    • WEATHER RESISTANT FOR OUTDOORS – The DCPT-4000 Vehicle Detecting Probe Transmitter is weatherproof and can withstand temperatures from -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
    NO. 6


    Dakota Alert BBA-4000 Solar Powered Break Beam Alarm Kit – BBT-4000 Infrared Wireless Transmitter and DCR-4000 Driveway Alarm Receiver, Up to 1 Mile Operating Range


    • PROVIDES WIRELESS MONITORING SYSTEM – The Dakota Alert BBA-4000 employs an infrared break beam system to detect any large object that passes through the beam area. It doesn’t require any wiring.
    • OPERATES UP TO 1 MILE AWAY – Once the beams are broken, the BBT-4000 Transmitter sends a wireless signal to the DCR-4000 receiver, even if both units are up to 1 mile apart.
    • DOES NOT GIVE FALSE ALARMS – The BBT-4000 sensors aren’t affected by small objects such as birds or falling leaves. It will only detect if an intruder breaks both beams simultaneously.
    • OFFERS AN EXPANDABLE SYSTEM – You can connect up to 4 pairs of BBT-4000 transmitters to the DCR-4000 receiver if you intend to monitor a larger perimeter. Each transmitter needs to be 300-ft apart.
    • RECHARGES EASILY – The BBT-4000 runs on lithium-ion batteries and can be recharged through the solar panels. Now, you don’t need to worry about the sensors failing throughout the day.
    NO. 7


    Dakota Alert UTRE-4K-Plus Door and Window Sensor Security System with Relay Outputs – UT-4000 Universal Transmitter and RE-4k Plus Wireless Receiver


    • OFFERS 3 FUNCTIONS – The Dakota Alert UTRE-4K-Plus System can be used as a wireless doorbell/panic button, door/windows open sensor, or a universal transmitter that accepts “contact closure.”
    • NOTIFIES YOU WHEN A VISITOR ARRIVES – When one of the modes is triggered, the UT-4000 transmitter sends a wireless signal to the RE-4k Plus receiver, which will then emit a loud alarm tone.
    • CAN BE CONNECTED TO OTHER ALARM SYSTEMS – The RE-4k Plus receiver has one 12V DC and two Form C relay outputs that can be linked with a strobe light, external siren or other automation alarm system.
    • CAN BE USED IN VARIOUS APPLICATIONS – The doorbell button of UT-4000 is entirely weatherproof. You can mount it outside your house, farm, office, or school.
    • INCLUDES – Dakota Alert UT-4000 Universal Transmitter. Transmitter Bracket. Magnetic Contact. Silicon Plugs. Mounting Screws. Dakota Alert RE-4k Plus Wireless Receiver. Power Adapter.
    NO. 8


    Dakota Alert DCPT-4000 Wireless Metal Detecting Probe Transmitter with 50-FT of Direct Burial Cable – Compatible with DCPA-4000 Home Security Driveway Alarm System and DCR-4000 Receiver


    • AUTO-DETECTS MOVING VEHICLES – Dakota Alert DCPT-4000 Transmitter comes with a 50-ft direct burial cable and metal-sensing probe. It detects any moving metal vehicles that drives over the probe.
    • OFFERS A WIDE PERIMETER MONITORING – The metal sensing probe detects passing cars by within 10~12 feet boundary. While the transmitter box can send signals even if the receiver is up to 1 mile away.
    • HELPS MONITOR YOUR OUTDOOR PERIMETER – You can bury the probe next to a driveway or drive-up window and mount the transmitter box on a wooden post. The DCPT-4000 is weatherproof and battery-operated.
    • NEVER SENDS FALSE ALERTS – The probe is only capable of detecting metallic vehicles passing over the burial cable. Strong winds or large animals won’t trigger the transmitter’s alarm.
    • PROVIDES AN EXPANDABLE ALARM SYSTEM – If you need to monitor different locations within your property, you can pair 16 DCPT-4000 Transmitters into a single Dakota Alert 4000 receiver.
    NO. 9


    Dakota Alert UT-4000 Universal Transmitter for Wireless Home Security and Driveway Alarm Systems – Up to 1 Mile Operating Range, Compatible with DCR-4000 Receivers


    • Compatible with all Dakota Alert 4000 wireless products
    • Weatherproof push-button works as doorbell or panic button
    • Magnetic reed switch supports any sensor contacts
    • Connects to external sensors via NO/NC relay inputs
    • Mounting bracket and battery included

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